ROSAMOND - WOW! What a week we've had in Rosamond. The Rosamond Roadrunners Varsity boys basketball team beat the Monache Marauders at home by a final score of 62-40 on Feb. 22nd to secure their place in the CIF Championship game and hosting against the Garces Memorial Rams on Feb. 24th. The Roadrunners had a packed house at the start of the game and the Rams took the lead early in the "edge of your seat" nail-biter game; scoring 23 points to the Roadrunners 10 before the 2nd quarter and led 39-19 going to the half; third quarter saw the Rams continuing to lead and rounded out the third quarter at 45-38. The fourth quarter saw Roadrunners #5 Aaron Blake shoot for two which made it 46-40 with 7 minutes left to play; a foul was called against Rosamond and brought the score to 48-40; the Rams then scored another two which took the score to 50-40 and with 3 minutes left to play, the Rams led by a score of 53-46; the Rams fouled then Rosamond fouled again bringing the score to 55-46 Rams with 2 minutes left to play; Rosamond #11 Alex Gonzalez scored two which brought the score to 55-48 Rams then, Rosamond #1 Sebastian Borrego shot a 3 pointer and brought the score to 55-51.  The Rams continued to dominate the court and the Roadrunners continued to fight but in the end, it was the Garces Memorial Rams who won the 2022 CIF Championship; beating Rosamond by a final score of 61-51. This was Rosamond's first lose for the entire season.

  The Roadrunners Varsity boys basketball team had been on fire all during their regular season and post-season games (22-0 record in regular season and 25-0 going into the championship game) which secured their position in the Division IV playoffs. The Garces Memorial Rams had a 12-19 overall record which secured them a position in the Championship game by beating the Sierra Chieftains on Feb. 22nd by a final score of 67-61.

  As we reported earlier in the post-season; 5 East Kern teams made their way through the playoff brackets in a race for the CIF Championship: Boron, Rosamond, Desert, Mojave and Tehachapi in soccer and basketball. The Boron Bobcats took on the Redwood Rangers at home in the first round of the Varsity girls Basketball Division IV playoffs; losing to the Rangers by a final score of 46-35 which knocked the Bobcats out of the running for the Championship. The Warriors took the first round of the playoffs in the Varsity girls Soccer Division V playoffs by winning against Riverdale by a final score of 7-0 but came up short in the quarter finals losing the Bishop Union by a final score of 7-2. The Desert Scorpions and the Mojave Mustangs went head to head in the first round of the Varsity boys Basketball Division IV playoff where the Mustangs came up short losing to the Scorpions by a final score of 58-42 which put the Scorpions in the quarter finals and losing against the Sierra Chieftains by a final score of 67-39. The Roadrunners Varsity boys Soccer team made it to the first round of the Division V playoffs and were shut out against Monache by a final score of 1-0 and of course, the Roadrunners beat Chavez in the first round of the Varsity boys Basketball Division IV playoff game by a final score of 87-65; the Roadrunners advanced to the quarter finals against Kerman and came out on top; winning by a final score of 71-53 which put the Roadrunners in the semi-finals against Monache where the boys won again by a final score of 62-40 which brought them to the championship game.

  The Mojave Desert News wants to congratulate all the East Kern area teams who made it to the playoffs and for all your hard work throughout the regular and post-season. We also want to congratulate the teams for winning their divisions and wish all you well and to the Rosamond Roadrunners; congratulations on getting to the championship and a very well-played regular and post season.

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