MOJAVE – The 2019 Mojave High School volleyball season will be one for focusing on the basics in order to move forward.

“What I see for this year is that they will be learning a lot of new rotations,” said Coach Belen Oceguera. “So I’m back to mostly basic again right now.”

Six players are returning from last year’s varsity team, now playing as juniors. This is Oceguera’s first season as coach, after the previous coach took time off to have a baby. Debbie Moore will be the assistant coach this season.

“Honestly, I just want them to get better,” said Oceguera. “Improve on their techniques, on their footwork on their moving, on their passing.”

She said she is trying to get player to think about more than just attacking the ball.

“If you do this, you can move here,” said Oceguera. “If you do that, you gotta rotate here. That’s my goal. Just make sure they get better for next year. At least they will be up to par.

“We have to break their old habits. You know, that’s my challenge. We start out working on the new things, and they get better, but when it comes to practice with other teams they’re back to their old ways, hopefully they can pick up the new ones.”

There are no freshmen or seniors on this year’s team and some players are having to get used to playing new positions.

“We’re a young team and I’m changing a lot of things, hopefully it benefits us,” said Oceguera. “I’m just like, if we win games, awesome. My goal is to make sure they get better and better.”

The Mustangs will play in a tournament Friday and will be punching above their weight class. They will compete at 3 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. in a non-conference match at the Palmdale Aerospace Academy Gym.

“We’re league seven and we’ll be playing league four and five,” said Oceguera. “I’ll take the challenge, they need to see exactly what real teams do.”

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