CALIFORNIA CITY – The Cal City Ravens were unable to play their homecoming game due to confirmed cases of coronavirus amongst players. 

The Ravens were scheduled to play the Boron Bobcats Oct 15 for their first league game of the season after their last couple games were away. However, a previous outbreak at Boron preventing them from playing Friday night. The Bobcats would be eligible the next day and asked if the game could be rescheduled for Saturday evening Oct 16. 

Friday morning, one of the Ravens’ players tested positive for COVID-19 after football practice that week, as a result everyone was sent home that was not fully vaccinated. 

Head coach at CCHS Sonny Flores said the situation was unavoidable, 

“They couldn’t stay if they weren’t vaccinated,” Flores said. “So, everyone was sent home [Friday morning] around 8:30am, so we had to cancel Saturday too.”

The school district is still grappling with the pandemic as the state calls for more protections like vaccines and masks. Students and staff are still required to wear masks indoors and practice social distancing and must stay at home for two weeks if they test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to another student who is positive. 

Flores said there is not enough time left in the football season to reschedule the game with Boron, but Cal City high school students will still have their homecoming ceremony. For now, the festivities have been moved to Oct 29. when the Ravens take on the Rosamond Runners. 

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