BORON – In week three for the Boron Wildcats, they played Rosamond on Sept. 14; here are the scores from each of the games: Freshman – Boron won by Forfeit, Sophomores – Boron won over Rosamond by a score of 19-0 over Rosamond, Junior Varsity – Rosamond won over Boron by a score of 20-13 and Varsity – Rosamond won over Boron by a score of 33-0. League standings for week three are: Freshman – Boron is in second place with two wins and one loss, Sophomores – Boron is in first place with three wins and no losses, JV – Boron is in fourth place with one win and two losses and Varsity – Boron is in seventh place with no wins and three losses.

In week four the Wildcats took to the road to play Bishop on Sept. 21. Here are the scores and standings as of week four against Bishop: Freshman – Bishop over Boron by a score of 24-14, Sophomores: Boron over Bishop by a score of 33-0, Junior Varsity: Bishop over Boron by a score of 42-6 and Varsity: Bishop over Boron by a score of 9-6.  Standings for week four are Freshman: are in third Place with two wins and two losses, Sophomores are in first place with four wins and no losses, JV: are in sixth place with one win and three losses and Varsity: seventh Place with no wins and four losses.

  The Wildcats had a bye week on Sept. 28 and will be back on the field on Oct. 5 when they host IWV at home during Boron’s annual 20 Mule Team Days celebration; scores and standing from the Oct. 5 and Oct. 12 Wildcats versus Braves matchup will be in our next Wildcats sports report.

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