CALIFORNIA CITY – The California City High School Ravens football team could have earned a more dramatic win on Sept. 20, but not by much. Playing against Pasadena’s Polytechnic, the game remained scoreless until the final 22 seconds. The Ravens scored the only touchdown and extra point of the non-conference game to win 7-0.

“I feel amazing,” said Ravens Head Coach Brandon Rivers. “Those guys (Polytechnic) are extremely talented over there. They’re a really good group of kids with a really good coaching style and a really hard team to beat.”

He said he was happy with the win, regardless of how long it took.

“We’ve grown so much,” said Rivers. “So much of it is mental with us. We have all the best athletes in the world, but so many times things don’t go our way and we kind of complain. Tonight, we had so many calls go against us. Things weren’t going our way. Our offense wasn’t clicking. But we stayed together, we weren’t crying, we weren’t complaining. Even though it was a little sloppy, we played a really good football game together as a team.”

The two teams went back and forth up and down the field in the first three quarters, but neither team could find the end zone. Ravens No. 21 Lucian Rodarte had the other big play of the game, pulling down an interception and returning it for 40 yards.

In the fourth quarter,  the Ravens took over the ball with 59 seconds left in the game after the Panthers failed to convert on a fourth down pass.

Starting 10 yards into their own territory, Ravens quarterback, No. 10, Jeremiah Neal broke tackles and slipped by several Panther defenders to carry the ball to the Panther’s 10 yard line.

The next play saw Ravens No. 88 Zarias Rose break a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, but get swallowed up and tackled by the Panthers at the eight yard line.

A keeper by Neal on second down brought the Ravens to less than five yards from the goal. Neal rushed again on third down to score a touchdown. An extra point kick brought the score to 7-0.

Ravens were able to hold off the Panthers for the remaining seconds to secure the win.

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