CALIFORNIA CITY – The California City Ravens versus Kern Valley Broncos ended in a 3-0 win for the Varsity Ravens. Schwani Healy, No. 4, provided many blocks and spikes to contribute to the home conference match win.

The Ravens had an early edge over the Broncos who fought valiantly.

Ravens No. 11 Airam Gomez got a couple of good points in the third quarter with some great serves. Abby Moore, No. 7, had good sets allowing various members of her team to score points and cinch out a victory. Moore also had tricky dips where you think a set is about to come then just slides the ball over the net. Some good leads were acquired from this technique in the first quarter.

Ravens No. 12 Paige Blackmore had good spikes and overall felt like the ace for the team. Not necessarily the captain but a leading voice among the team. Tayte Jones, No. 1, is a very bright individual on the team. You can tell she’s thinking a lot about the match and when it comes to group huddles ,she’s the one rallying her team and speaking up about what they need to do to win.

Laya Cato, No. 14, had a strong showing and lots of a good spikes.

In the first quarter,  the Ravens where up 8 points early on and felt in good fashion and all warmed up ready to take down the Broncos. The quarter ended at 25-17 as the Broncos regained a couple of points but couldn’t climb all the way back up and the Ravens had a bit of a fumble with failed serves but came back.

Quater two started out with equal points, neither  team had a convincing lead at 14-15 then 20-20 with both team getting points from various plays. Another clever play by Moore to again to dip the ball got the point lead for the Ravens. Then it just depended on Jones and Healy to keep the point lead with lots of of powerful spikes. Some spikes missed the mark and went out of bounds, but the majority of spikes got into the court and gave them some much needed points.

Gomez earned a good deal of points in the third quarter, bringing the score to 11-4. Ravens fought hard and fast - leaving no time for the Broncos to catch up to them.

Ravens ended the win with lots of smiles and good feelings of victory.

After the win, Healy was somewhat modest about her performance.

“I thought I did pretty good, but I probably could have done better,” she said. “It turned out pretty good.”

Healy demonstrated an impressive effort on blocks against Kern Valley.

“I definitely got better,” she said. “It just like snapped into place one day. One day I was just blocking everything.”

Spikes were another area she demonstrated an impressive performance.

“Well, that’s my favorite part,” said Healy. “Whenever I get to set, I just try to take advantage of it and really try my best. “

She said she was looking forward to the next game.

“I’m really confident about it,” said Healy. “We usually grow from a lot of our games, so we’re definitely going to grow from this one.”

Cal City also won an away conference match against Boron  by a score of 3-0 on Sept. 30. The Ravens are now in second place in the High Desert League with 4 wins and 1 loss.

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