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As EAST KERN COUNTIES oldest adjudicated newspaper est. 1938 our goal then and now has not changed as the leader in local news coverage we have been privy to many awesome events and history making feats and some are on display at the Smithsonian institute many are from Edwards Air Force Base and NASA Dryden's aircraft and test flight record setters.

The base is also a NASA alternate and emergency space shuttle pacific landing site with its massive dry lake runways. We are also home to the Rutan brothers Burt and Dick who are world renowned for their aviation and space travel accomplishments. From Dick Rutan and Jeanna Yeager's nonstop flight of the Voyager around the world in 9 days 3 minutes and 44 seconds to Ansari's 10 million dollar X Prize winner Spaceship One a private spacecraft that soared to the required 62 mile altitude twice in a 2 week span. The Global Flyer, designed and built at the Mojave Air and Space Port, had a record breaking non-stop flight around the world in 67 hrs 1 minute.

The Mojave Space Port is also home to many aviation and rocket engine developers. It has a test pilot school, a WWII aircraft restoration company and replicas of SpaceShip 1 and the Voyager aircraft as well as a 63 foot tall experimental craft called the Rotary Rocket.

To the north we have the Naval Air Weapons Center home of the Side Winder and Cruise Missiles and many other weapons designed and tested at the Naval Air and Weapons Station.

The East Kern is also known for its rich mining history, and we continue to make history as the price rises on these rare chemicals and precious metals that are supplied to the world by mines like, US Borax in Boron, Ca. and its vital supply of chemical borates since 1883 from the famous 20 mule team borax hauling wagons that traveled from Death Valley, California to the railhead in Mojave, Ca. for shipping. Decades later in 1925 one of the largest deposits ever found of the chemical Boron was discovered where it is still mined today at the U.S. Borax plant near the town we now know as Boron, ca.

And don't forget to check out the town of Boron and its 20 Mule Team Museum, Saxon Aero Museum as well as the Borax Visitors Center that overlooks the US Borax Mining pit operations and processing plant as well as its many displays and exhibits at both Boron and US Borax. If your timing is right you may get to see them blast the ore (often at mid-day) in the pit through a large observation window located high above the pit in the visitor's center.

Gold and silver has been mined throughout East Kern County for many decades and continues in some locations, such as the Golden Queen Mine in Mojave, Ca. and the Yellow Astor Mine in Randsburg, Ca. which is the largest gold producing mine in California history ($12,000,000) in the early 1900's.

As a transportation hub the East Kern is unique in that it is criss crossed with 3 major highways 58, 14, and 395.

It is also host to rail services from Boron to Tehachapi with its famous Tehachapi Loop, a one of a kind engineering feat in the Tehachapi Mountains. From Rosamond to Ridgecrest with Mojave being the major rail yard for East Kern railroad operations, including a spur through California City the third largest city in land area in California.

California City strategically has all three highways bordering its 25 square mile city limit, where tens of thousands enjoy using this huge area for off roading that includes a motocross track with buttes and beautiful vistas. Also you won't want to miss the Red Rock Canyon State Park a must see with its many beautiful rock formations and bright red and orange colors, and located east of Red Rock is the Rand Mining District which includes the Johannesburg, and Red Mountain, ca. mining communities as well as the rustic town of Randsburg, Ca. complete with saloon, antique shops and many working and abandoned mining operations. We also have wind and sun energy operations who are doing their own form of mining. A huge solar array located at the intersection of hwy 395 and 58 collects energy from the sun and converts it to electricity. West of Mojave the many windmills you see are contributing many megawatts of power to the grid, and reducing our East Kern carbon footprint as the desert goes green.

So as you can imagine the Mojave Desert News has witnessed a very rich past and has had an awesome responsibility to cover all the communities that we serve as well as the issues that affect the quality of life for the hundreds of thousands of residents, employees, and weekend off road and camping enthusiasts that populate this growing area that we, The Mojave Desert News have had the privilege of serving for over 70 years. We look forward to serving you for many decades to come and we hope you get the opportunity to visit.

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