CALIFORNIA CITY – The California City High School Ravens lost Nov. 1 to the Bishop Union High School Broncos 7-0. With only one touchdown the whole game, the defense of both teams gave only a few yards back and forth between each play, making the game hinge on either interceptions or sacks against the quarterbacks.

“It’s a rough start to playoffs that’s for sure,” said Kalil McLin. “I feel as though we have to work harder and get our bodies back in shape for the next game.”

Ravens No. 7Marquis Mckenzie caught a great ball and ran it down field. No. 22 Decklen Mund and  No. 21 Lucian Rodarte caught interceptions and balls as well to gain a lot of yards. No. 10 Jeremiah Neal was pushed many times by Bishops incredible offense and had to run the ball himself for some plays. Unfortunately Senior Night started off with the first loss on home soil for the Ravens. How this will bode for them in the coming weeks is yet to be seen.

With the loss, California City finishes second in the High Desert League after winning the title in the previous season.

They are scheduled to face McFarland at home on Nov. 8 for the first round of the Division 6 bracket playoffs. The Ravens are the No. 2 seed – 4-1 in league play and 8-2 overall – while the Cougars are the No. 13 seed – 0-6 in league play and 3-7 overall.

The game begins at 7 p.m. at California City High School, 8567 Raven Way.