EAST KERN COUNTY - Hey there East Kern County sports fans; the 2022 Central Section Division V and VI CIF games are now in the quarter-final and semi-final rounds for baseball and softball. The Boron Bobcats Varsity teams have been on fire all season long and now, both teams are just a couple of games away from the championship; the softball team went undefeated in league play during the regular season and looks like they're doing it again in the playoffs while the baseball team took 4th in league play during their regular season and have steam-rolled past their opponents for a chance at the championship. Here's the latest from the CIF playoff games for the Bobcats.

  The Boron Bobcats Varsity softball team took on Bishop Union on May 23th in the quarter-final round of the 2022 Central Section Division V CIF playoffs after winning against North on May 18th by a final score of 13-2 in 4 1/2 innings; the girls won against Bishop Union by a final score of 6-2 which took them to the Semi-Finals against Fresno Christian on May 25th and won by a final score of 5-3 which takes them to the 2022 Central Section Division V Championship game against Caruthers. The Bobcats Varsity softball team is 22-1 overall, 14-0 in league play, 11-1 at home and 10-0 away going into the championship game while Caruthers is 19-11 overall and 3rd in the West Sequoia League with 10-5 at home, 6-5 away and 2-1 in neutral play going into the championship game. A date hasn't been set for the championship game yet but we will keep you posted.

  The Varsity baseball team took on Sierra on May 24th in the semi-final round of the 2022 Central Section Division VI CIF playoffs after beating Rosamond in a nail-biter game on May 19th by a final score of 7-6 The boys came home with a heavy loss by a final score of 10-1 ending their bid for the championship; the Varsity boys finished 14-9 overall, 10-3 at home, 4-5 away and 0-1 in neutral play; they also ranked 4th in the High Desert League going into the CIF Championship playoffs. Congratulations goes out to the Bobcats Varsity boys for making it all the way to the Semi-Finals and for a very well-played season.