Muroc Joint Unified School District has announced that they are offering summer school to all students attending area schools beginning June 8th.

  According to a letter from Muroc Joint Unified School District Superintendent Kevin Cordes, “The Learning Loss Mitigation Funding directly supports pupil academic achievements and mitigates learning loss related to the COVID-19 school closures; through this program, we are pleased to be able to offer summer school to all students from June 8th – July 1, 2021.

  The school day will run for 4 hours in total and students will also receive lunch at no cost at the end of the day. There will be 2 sessions which will run 9 days of programming each and class sizes will be limited to 18 students in K-2nd Grade and 20 students in 3-6 Grades and will be enrolled until capacity is reached. A wait-list will be utilized thereafter and the same material will be presented at each session. High school student programming will include Mathematics and English Language Arts and classes will be available in 4 one hour periods. In order to keep classrooms small, each period will be able to have 25 students; for elementary school students, we will offer classes in Kindergarten through 6 Grade. Session 1: June 8th – June 18th and Session 2: June 21 – July 1st”.

  Deadline for responses or inquiries is Friday, May 28th at the close of the business day; if you have any questions, feel free to contact your student’s school principal.