BORON - The Boron Junior Senior High School, 8th grade Promotion and 61st annual Boron High School Commencement Ceremonies took place on the afternoon of June 2nd, 2022, inside the Boron High School Memorial Gymnasium; the 8th grade promotion was first beginning at 4:30pm.

  “Pomp and Circumstance” played as the 7th grade Junior Honor Guard led the procession of approximately 46 8th graders up the aisle and into the bleachers. 8th grade class President Bella Job welcomed everyone who turned out for the ceremony, then, proceeded with introductions of Muroc Joint Unified School District board members who are: Mr. Kevin Cordes, Superintendent of Muroc Joint Unified School District, Mr. Brent Tan; assistant Superintendent, Mr. Trevor Walker; Chief Business Officer, Doctor David Ellms; Principal of Boron Junior Senior High School, Mr. Sherman Burkhead, Mrs. Teresa Davies and Mrs. Amanda Cardenas all as board members as well as Mr. Kenneth Dakwa Academic Advisor: 8th grade class, Vice President Mia Naples then led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  After Dr. Ellms presented awards to certain individuals a photo opportunity was given to parents as well as staff members then Dr. Ellms presented the 8th grade Class of 2022 and assistant Superintendent Brett Tan accepted the class to receive their promotion certificates. After receiving their certificates, the new freshman class of Boron High School walked away from the bleachers for the final time as 8th graders.

  The 61st annual Boron High school Commencement Ceremony started at approximately 6 PM with the showing of a “Senior Slide-Show" as parents, teachers, faculty members, and the general public gathered in gymnasium for the graduation ceremony. Again, "Pomp and Circumstance” was played as the Junior Honor guard escorted the senior class of 2022 up the aisle to take their rightful place in the bleachers. Boron High School Class of 2022 members Michael Garcia and Maykaylee Burkhead sang the National Anthem then Sherlin Castillo Ruvalcaba who is Senior Class President introduced dignitaries who attended the ceremony; Salutatorian Michael Garcia then welcomed everyone to the graduation ceremony. The following seniors were recognized by Principal Ellms for being members of the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Federation: National Honor Society members are Maykaylee Burkhead, Brandon Cano Aguilar, Gracynn, Heigel, Addison Tarrow and Tatum Wiggs; Life membership into the CSF went to: Maykaylee Burkhead, Charles Johnson III, Alaina Martz and Parker Vail; 100% Life membership into CSF went to: Brandon Cano Aguilar, Gracynn Heigel, Addison Tarrow and Tatum Wiggs. The Golden State Seal Merit Diploma recipients are: Brandon Cano Aguilar, Gracynn Heigel. Alaina Martz, Aiden Miller, Addison Tarrow and Tatum Wiggs.

  Special presentations were done by California State 34th District Assemblyman Tom Lackey, who presented Aiden Miller with a special recognition and Mary Beth Garrison, who is the Community Affairs Manager for Rio-Tinto Borates and Lithium from the Borax Visitor Center Grant Foundation Scholarship Program; the scholarships were awarded as follows:  a $1500 scholarship went to Brandon Cano Aguilar, a $2000 scholarship went to Tatum Wiggs, a $2500 scholarship went to Gracynn Heigel and a $3000 scholarship went to Addison Tarrow. A photo opportunity was also given for parents of the senior class then the presentation of the Senior Gift was done by Senior Class President Sherlin Castillo Ruvalcaba and accepted by Jason Richardson who is ASB President. Valedictorians Gracynn Heigel, Addison Tarrow, Tatum Wiggs and Brandon Cano Aguilar gave a special and heart-felt farewell; not only to the senior class but recognized one of their fallen classmates who was in an accident and is in the hospital. Dr. David Ellms presented and Mr. Brent Tan accepted the Class of 2022 then it was on to roll call for the diplomas. The Boron High School Senior Class of 2022 received their diplomas from. Mr. Matthew Carter, Mr. Sherman Burkhead, Mrs. Amanda Cardenas and Mrs. Teresa Davies. The Senior Class also presented the parents of their fallen classmate Gavin Eddy with his diploma.

  After the class of 2022 received their diplomas, it was time for the turning of the tassel but before this took place; confetti shot out of canisters from the senior class honoring their fallen senior class member.

  The Mojave Desert News wishes to express their congratulations to the Boron High School Senior Class of 2022 and the 8th grade Junior High Class of 2022. We also want to wish all of you good luck in your future.