CALIFORNIA CITY — Here’s a quick look at the soccer standings for last week.

The California City Ravens boys soccer team lost to Desert 5-4 last Tuesday in Cal City, dropping their season record to 1-8-1 (1-3-1 league). Coach McKern’s Ravens were next to play Littlerock on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, with full scores in next issue of MDN. The Lady Ravens defeated rival Desert last week 2-1 here in Cal City. That brings their record up to 5-6 (2-3 league). They were next to go up against Littlerock also.

The Mustangs soccer team did not play last week but will face the Desert Christian Knights on the 22nd in Lancaster. The Stangs post a record of 4-6 and are looking to better that in the last few games left this year. The Lady Mustangs squad played against Eastside over the weekend, but so far no scores have been posted for that contest. The Lady Stangs next play rival Desert Christian Lady Knights on the 22nd with full scores in next issue of MDN

Over in Boron the Bobcats soccer team lost at home to Kern Valley last week, 5-0. That drops the Cats’ record to 0-12-1. The Cats were next to play rival Rosamond on the 22nd in Rosamond, with full scores next issue. The Lady Bobcats of Boron also lost to Kern Valley last week 2-0, and now post a season record of 0-13. They too were to face Rosamond on the 22nd at 3 p.m.

Down in Rosamond the Roadrunners took on the Bishop Union Broncs last week, but no scores have been posted for that game. The Runners came into that game with a season record of 5-10 (4-1 league), and were next to play Boron as mentioned above on the 22nd in Boron.

The Lady Roadrunners Soccer Team did not play last week. They currently post a season record of 8-5-1 (4-1 league).

Meanwhile, back on base at Edwards Air Force Base, the mighty Desert Scorpions lurk in the tall grass, having just won their last two games against Boron on the 10th and last week against Cal City, where they took down the Ravens 5-4 in conference play. They next will go after the Bishop Union Broncs on the 22nd with full scores next issue of MDN.

The Lady Scorpions dropped last week’s game against rival Ravens in Cal City 2-1, dropping their record down to 3-10 (1-5 league). They will also face off against rival Bishop Union on the 22nd on base at Edwards. Game time is 3 p.m., and full scores of all this week’s games will be published in the next issue of Mojave Desert News. And at