CALIFORNIA CITY – Students got a first-hand look at professional stunt bikers performing tricks and engaging the crowd during their summer program June 24. 

The show was put on by Robert Castillo’s BMX Freestyle Team, with members Jared Eberwein from Riverside, and Sean Curliss from Tehachapi performing. The two performed a series of stunts while informing students about the names of different tricks, how they got into their careers and bike safety. 

Students and teachers were treated with shaved ice on the warm day, with a Kona Ice truck providing refreshments. Then, students cheered the performers on, and even got to see them jump over one of the math teachers. 

Some middle school students have been taking enrichments classes over the summer as an opportunity to get out of the house and see some friends. From June 7 to July 2, students have participated in several classes including sewing and crafts, karate, hip-hop dance, origami, Latino and Japanese culture classes, spoken word, volleyball and more. 

Mojave Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Katherine Aguirre said programs and events like this are the school’s way of welcoming back students to campus in a way they are familiar with. 

Through the summer program, the superintendent has been able to see the excitement from students and teachers to get back into classrooms full time. Classes have been virtual for the last 18 months. 

Aguirre said while many students are ready to get back to activities and socializing with friends, she believes the adjustment may be difficult for some. 

“Kids haven’t been on campus in over a year, and it may be difficult readjusting to school structure,” Aguirre said. “Some kids have been taking more responsibilities at home, or they have a lot more freedom with technology. Those things are different in school.” 

To help with readjustments, every school in the district is planning to offer a bridge program to help students get in the right mindset for in-person classes starting in August. Aguirre said there will be an emphasis on mental health support, and students and parents will have the opportunity to meet teachers.