The Mojave Unified School District may be on the clock to get preparations in order following a state-wide vaccine mandate imposed for children.

Oct 1, Governor Gavin Newsom declared that children will be required to have their covid-19 vaccination before attending public school, after the FDA approves vaccination for their age groups. The FDA approval is expected Summer 2022 but could happen as early as January.

The MUSD is currently following orders from the department of education for students and staff to wear masks indoors and to practice social distancing. Teachers and staff members are self-monitoring themselves and are supposed to check-in with the school and call out, if they are showing any symptoms of being ill.

The district is no longer required to do temperature checks, and Superintendent Katherine Aguirre says they cannot force any staff stay home, but students are required to quarantine at home if they test positive or are exposed to a student who tested positive.

“We still have masks and protocols to clean,” Aguirre said. “We notify families that are impacted, and overall data is reported to the county.”

Officials say there are plans to have another vaccine clinic in the future, but there are currently no enforced plans for vaccines.

The district continues to face staffing challenges, an issue that led to school starting a week later than scheduled. During the MUSD board meeting Oct 5, officials said they are still searching for a licensed BSN to handle more prominent medical needs for students. Currently, several health aides are helping at the district to monitor students’ health and can help with kids’ insulin or feeding tubes.

The board agreed to raise the daily rate for substitute teachers to be more competitive in the hiring field. Subs currently are offered some bonus pay on a tiered system, based on the number of days they worked in the year. Officials said having a recurring substitute builds more rapport with students and provides a more stable plan for when teachers are sick.