Calif City- May 4th Saucey Sliders held its grand opening ceremony.

Owners Eeema Odesa (Eeema Odesa is the brain behind the future technology of Saucey Sliders. )  and Derrick  "DC" Patterson ( Chef DC has over 10 years experience in the culinary industry) Have opened the Web/order and payment  based Restaurant  that responds to the needs of the customer via data and social concentration.  They allow the city to build  its own restaurant by listening to the needs of the city.

They Invited the Community inside to take a peek at the kitchen the staff and how everything operates.

Also provided a wonderful tasting of many of the popular items on the menu Crack Chicken Wings & Strips with Sweet Pineapple & Honey teriyaki and a BBQ sauce, Cheesy Sliders w/o Onion, Loaded Tots,  Fries, Waffles, Asada and Chicken Tacos, Plain & Asada Quesadillas. They also added Desserts such as Cheesecake and peaches and cream etc.

They have a wide variety of menus items( that will have items added randomly based on wants of the community) that can be found on their website  or their app that can be found in the apple store, Simply place your order online and make payment and you have options of going through the drive through, inside store front for pick up or delivery . 9692 California City Boulevard, California City, California 93505. Welcome to California City we are to have you !

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