CALIFORNIA CITY – The updated Mojave Desert News website, including a digital replica of the print edition - or e-edition, will be live as of Sept. 12 at Current subscribers will have unlimited access to the updated web site and e-edition as part of their existing subscription. There will now be a limit on free article views on the web site for non-subscribers.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer this expanded service to our subscribers,” said Publisher Lynda Kissack. “Subscribers will now be able to get a complete PDF version of the paper through the new system.”

Editor and General Manager John D. Bennett said the e-edition will also be convenient for subscribers who travel or are out of town.

“Subscribers will be able to get the paper anywhere they have a computer and Internet access, anytime of the day or night,” he said. “In addition to seeing the paper exactly as it appears in print, back issues will also be available in PDF form.”

Bennett added that not all past issues will be immediately available, but the previous two years of issues are in the process of being uploaded. The web site upgrades are being handled by publishing company Town News.

“The first step for new users is to create a login on the website at:,” said Town News Project Manager

Nick Nichols. “They will receive a confirmation email to confirm they aren’t a spammer.”

The next step is to go to the subscription page at and click on Print Subscriber Access.

“They will then put in their last name and address, exactly as it appears on their bill,” said Nichols. “That will allow them to view your paywall content.”

If readers already have a login for the web site, they can login and go directly to the subscription page to verify the information.

“They would just pick up at the part where they go to the subscription page and link their account by entering their last name and address,” said Nichols.

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