CALIFORNIA CITY – The California City Whiptails took down the Adelanto Yardbirds, winning three games in the four-night series between the two teams.

The series began on the 12th in Adelanto where the Whiptails dropped that game to the Yardbirds 3-0, sending the series back to Cal City. Once at home the Whiptails never looked back. On the return game last Friday the 13th, the Whiptails turned it around taking down the Yardbirds 15-9 and starting the win streak that has brought them to the No. 2 slot in the Pecos League Pacific Division.

It has been nearly a month since the Can-Am league call ups gutted the then-second-place and rising Whiptails when they took nine of our players including our Manager David Peterson up to that league. After all it is the goal of all these players to get into the Majors, and each stepping stone along the way is intended to achieve that goal. So, when the Can Am league called up and took a big chunk of our team, it was devastating to the die-hard fans who imagined a feeble remaining season left to us for the summer. That has not been the case. The players called up to Can Am are now all back including Manager Peterson and the Whiptails are mostly whole again, sans power catcher/hitter and all around fine Iowan Taylor Zeutenhorst who remains on the injured reserve list.

Back to the Yardbirds. Following the 3-0 loss to Adelanto on the 12th, coming back to Cal City the Whiptails found their cadence at home taking down Adelanto 15-9 on Friday the 13th. The Whiptails then traveled back to Adelanto last Saturday night where they also took down the Yardbirds 8-7 in a very tight game.

The series then came back to Cal City Sunday night for the final game here at home. The Whiptails grabbed an early lead in the game only to see the Yardbirds come right back on their heels. Whiptails pitcher Javier Taylor pitched the whole game solo Sunday night taking down Yardbirds left and right for 9 innings. In the end the Whiptails edged out the Yardbirds 6-2 to bring the series to a close with the Whiptails taking three of the four games, bringing their season record up to 26-26 even and giving them second place standing in the Pecos League Pacific Division.

The Whiptails only have six more home games to play starting July 16 in a three-game series against the Monterey Amberjacks, who are currently last place in the Pacific Division. They played again at home on the 17th (full story next issue MDN) and then travel to Monterey on the 18th for the final game there. The 19th begins a four night series against the Bakersfield Train Robbers and July 20 is a home game in that series and one of the last games of the year. The last two home games are on July 24 and 25 when the Whiptails host a two-game series against the Amberjacks to close out their home season here in Cal City. Come on out and enjoy your California City Whiptails as they close out the 2018 season in grand fashion!

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