ROSAMOND - The Southern Kern Unified School District held a very quick meeting on the evening of May 9th inside the conference room with closed session getting underway just after 5pm;

  After the meeting was called the Order, the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call, and adoption of the agenda, the board asked for any comments from the public, which there were none, then they convened in open session to discuss; A. Expulsion Hearing for Student #83-22-23, B. Conference with Labor Negotiator; District Negotiators Superintendent Barbara Gaines and Robert Irving on Employee Organization from the California School Employees Association and the Rosamond Teachers Association, C. Discussion of Student Matters according to Education Code, sections 53146 and 48918(c) and D. Public Employment for Certain Personnel Matters according to Government Code Section 54957.1(a)(5) Discipline/Dismissal/Employment/Release/Assignment/Reassignment/Complaint.

  The board reconvened an open session and continued as follows.

  Under Action determined in Closed Session – A. The student in the above-entitled action was not expelled and allowed to return to school with conditions, B-D. - No reportable action taken at this time.

  Under Consent Calendar - The board unanimously voted to approve the following items. A. Approve Million Kids Professional Services Agreement Opal Singleton presentation from May 10th in the amount of $500 and B. Approved the AV Wall Host Contract in the amount of $7500.

  No other items were on the agenda and the meeting was adjourned shortly after 6pm.

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