SoCal gas line

SoCalGas crews work on establishing a connection at a Poppy Boulevard home on Wednesday, July 8.

SoCalGas crews broke ground at a Poppy Boulevard home on a long-planned goal to bring natural gas to hundreds of California City households on Wednesday, July 8.

According to SoCalGas public information officer Robert Duchow, four homes were connected as a forerunner for the much larger pilot project expected to begin in August.

The pilot project is part of the San Joaquin Valley Affordable Energy Project, and will convert up to 224 households close to existing natural gas pipelines using either wood or propane for heating.

SoCalGas initiated the project under the California Public Utilities Commission funding following the passage of Assembly Bill 2672 in 2014. The bill was intended in part to ensure that homes in San Joaquin Valley area disadvantaged communities could have access to "cleaner, more affordable energy options."

The project determined that 11 communities for the area based on a list of 170 total communities. The initial study was based on criteria including household income levels, population size and distance from a natural gas pipeline.

The CPUC conducted numerous outreach studies and made its recommendations in August 2018.

Duchow said that the 224 eligible homes were selected based on if four or more appliances used propane. Homes that were all-electrical were ruled out.

The connections are being at no cost to the residents and will be provided new home appliances.

Duchow said that SoCalGas has conducted two years of outreach and sent letters to the 224 eligible homeowners. However, some homes have yet to respond to the offer.

Any resident who has been contacted by SoCalGas or our contractor, Self-Help Enterprises, but who has not yet signed up for the project, may contact us by email or phone:

SoCalGas email address:

SoCalGas phone number for California City Project 1-800-858-7476.

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