NORTH EDWARDS – The Muroc Joint Unified School District held the monthly meeting on Sept. 8th inside room 2 at the former North Edwards High School in North Edwards where the meeting began just after 5 p.m.

  The meeting was called to order by President Matt Carter then after roll call and the Pledge of Allegiance; board member Sherman Burkhead moved and Tiffany Gordon seconded to approve the agenda as presented, motion passed.

  Public comments were heard at this time and community member Sara-Belle Daniels expressed concerns over weekly COVID-19 testing for students who were participating in athletic sports; after the public comments, Sherman Burkhead moved and Matt Carter seconded to appoint Tiffany Gordon as the Board Clerk; motion passed.

  Reports from around the district were presented as far as Muroc Education Association, Principals, Construction Updates from Jeremiah Job, a CBO Update from Trevor Walker and a Superintendents Update from Superintendent Kevin Cordes; no reports or updates were given for the California Schools Employees Association.

  Sherman Burkhead moved and Tiffany Gordon seconded to approve, adopt or ratify consent agenda items Adoption of Minutes from Aug. 11th, Deposit Transactions Report for Aug., Accounts Payable for Aug., Student Body Account Reports from Branch, Desert Jr. Sr. High and Boron Jr. Sr. High for May 2021, Adoption of Resolutions for National School Lunch Week (Oct. 11-15th), Week of School Administrator (Oct. 10-16th), Calif. State University CalState TEACH Program, Fresno State placement agreement, Calif. Spectrum Services, Excel Education and Therapy Group, Lancaster School District Inter-Attendance Agreement, Revised Board Policies which included high school graduation requirements, education for homeless children, Corrected Calendars for teacher work day and student attendance and Personnel Actions which included Certificated Appointments, Certificated Stipends, 2 resolutions for Variable Term Waiver for Elementary (Jill Averett and Luis Revolorio), Job Description for Health Aide, Classified Resignations, Classified Substitutes and Classified Employees, Resolutions to Eliminate Position of Classified Services, Decrease of Classified Services, Addition of Position of Classified Services and Increase of Classified Services; motion passed.

  On the Action Agenda, under Sufficiency of Instructional Materials a public meeting to determine the sufficiency of instructional materials for the new school year opened; Mr. Cordes reported that he had talked with principals and confirmed that there is sufficient instructional materials available to all students-there was no comments from the public. Sherman Burkhead moved and Tiffany Gordon seconded to approve and adopt the Sufficiency of Instructional Materials resolutions for the 2021-22 school year; motion passed.

  President Matt Carter moved and Tiffany Gordon seconded to certify the accuracy of the 2020-21 unaudited actuals financial report; motion passed, Sherman Burkhead moved and Tiffany Gordon seconded to adopt the GANN Appropriations Limit; motion passed, Sherman Burkhead moved and Matt Carter seconded to fill the vacancy by provisional appointment motion; passed.

  No further business was discussed; Sherman Burkhead moved and Tiffany Gordon seconded to adjourn the meeting at 6:23 p.m.; motion passed. The next school board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 13th at 5 p.m.

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