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In this time of uncertainty, I wanted to provide you with some helpful community resources as well as reassure you that our country is resilient and will get through this time together
As always, these updates will also be added to my resource page. Additionally, you can stay in the know by following my Twitter account at @GOPLeader or Facebook page @RepKevinMcCarthy for more information. You can watch my latest interview about the issue here.
For Parents and Educators
  • The Smithsonian offers free, high-quality educational tools to keep students entertained and engaged.
  • The Library of Congress provides resources to assist teachers in future lesson planning.
  • The National Gallery of Art gives families ways to engage with the Gallery's features online.
  • The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee has also released a guide with helpful STEM options to keep students engaged.
Additionally, Spectrum is offering households with students free access to internet services for 60 days. You can learn more about it here

We are #InItTogether, and communities across the country are creating ways to support one another, including making sure that school-age children still have access to free meals. Here are a few locations offering these services:Additionally, check out the sample schedule for families provided by Bakersfield City School District:
As a reminder here are some websites for staying healthy:Additionally:

Seniors Can Now Video Chat Their Doctors
This week, the Trump Administration announced expanded Medicare telehealth coverage to ensure that our must vulnerable seniors get the care they need away from risk settings. Seniors can see any doctor licensed in their state, whether or not they have an existing relationship, and FaceTime, Skype, or use other audiovisual technology.

Vaccine Development
The National Institutes of Health, at record speed, has also started the enrollment of Phase 1 of a clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine to create treatments that are safe and effective.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus – fever, cough, shortness of breath – and believe you may have been exposed to someone with coronavirus – make sure to contact your health care provider immediately. If you think you may have coronavirus, the CDC recommends calling your provider ahead of time for guidance on how the facility is handling cases before visiting the hospital in order to keep others from being exposed. 

For more information regarding coronavirus, click here.

Social distancing doesn't have to mean social isolation. Be sure to check in on your families, friends, and loved ones, because in times like this, we are more resilient together.

God Bless,

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