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November 6, 2021 | View Online

As the men and women who served our nation in the military return to civilian life after completing their service, it is critical they have access to the resources they need to succeed. The last thing veterans should have to face is the difficult-to-navigate bureaucracy of the VA or other large government agencies to request their service-connected records in order to obtain the benefits they earned while in the U.S. Armed Forces. As we near Veterans Day, I would like to highlight another hero from our community:

Meet Jim Turner, a Navy Veteran from Bear Valley Springs.

In the summer of 1947, immediately following his graduation from Glendale High School, Jim joined the military, enthusiastic about serving his country.

This is because Jim grew up as part of a generation of men and women engrained with a purpose to serve their nation – the Allies had just won World War II and the United States was key to that victory. They continue to show all of us – generations in the future – how being an American is synonymous with courage, patriotism, and a willingness to lend a helping hand to neighbors and strangers alike.

Upon finishing his time in the military, Jim went on to live an incredible life filled with rewarding experiences – he even helped plan his high school reunion!

But one unnecessary roadblock he has faced over the last several years was his inability to obtain some of his military records from the VA. Our servicemembers should not have to jump through countless hoops to acquire the documents detailing their service – such document requests of the VA should be simple and straightforward. 

After hearing his story, I advocated on Jim’s behalf with the VA, and within six weeks he received his Honorable Discharge Certificate and his official Military Personnel File.

Jim shared his appreciation, stating, “Today, I received a nice surprise – a full packet of my service time in the Navy...I have moved 37 times since graduating from High School. I lost a lot of things along the way, but suddenly my Honorable Discharge became important, so, I want to again thank you.”

Our veterans represent the best of America, and ensuring they have access to the documentation that they need to access their VA benefits and other services is the very least we can do in an effort to repay our profound debt of gratitude for their service.

I know that Jim’s story is only one of many like this, and I want to be helpful to all veterans in our community. If you are a veteran in need of assistance, I would love the opportunity to help you. Please call my Bakersfield Office at (661) 327-3611 for assistance.

God Bless,

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