Kern County opened the Kern Recovers Personal Protective Equipment Support Program which provides relief to one of biggest challenges businesses face today as they reopen – access to PPE. Through this program, the county will use its purchasing power to secure PPE, sanitation supplies, and other similar items and allow local businesses to request those items at no cost to assist in continuing their operations. Applications are now being accepted through the Kern Recovers program on


Kern County’s Chief Operations Officer Jim Zervis said, “As we spoke with local businesses, we heard from so many of them that securing PPE was one of their greatest challenges. As a County we have tremendous buying power. We’ve decided that we would leverage the CARES Act funding and our purchasing power for the benefit of our local businesses.”


The Kern County Board of Supervisors approved a $5 million funding allocation for this program on June 16, 2020. This program is funded through the $157 million in CARES Act funding the County received, more specifically the Coronavirus Relief Fund. 


Local businesses will be able to request face masks, vinyl gloves, Clorox Disinfectant wipes, and gel hand sanitizer at designated pick-up locations throughout the County.


Eligible businesses will apply by submitting a request by email or phone and await approval for pick-up location and authorization. Requests are now being accepted from businesses that meet the following criteria:

    • have a physical business location in Kern County
    • have less than 200 employees
    • impacted by COVID-19 and utilize the supplied products to mitigate this impact

Kern County continues to seek innovative ways  to assist local businesses as they recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information about this program and the small business forgivable loan program are available at

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