McCarthy Congratulates “Drug-Free Kern Coalition” on Receipt of $125,000 Award

Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement in support of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s announcement this week that it is awarding $125,000 to Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services for its “Drug-Free Kern Coalition” initiative. This is the fourth consecutive year that this initiative has received federal funding through the Drug-Free Communities Support program.
“For years, the Drug-Free Kern Coalition has worked to address drug abuse in Kern County through various initiatives to improve public safety, strengthen family bonds, and reinforce drug prevention measures. I applaud the administration for recognizing the Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ powerful program and assisting them in their continued efforts to mitigate substance abuse in our community. I am confident that this award will help transform countless lives by raising awareness – especially among youth – of the dangers of drug use, and will ultimately make Kern County a safer place for all,” said McCarthy.
“Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (KernBHRS) is excited to again be the recipient of the Drug-Free Communities Support Program. These dollars provide the resources and opportunity for the County to assist and empower local communities in developing specific prevention strategies that work for their communities. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of good. An ounce of evidence-based best practices’ prevention, developed in concert with the local people, agencies and faith communities, with ongoing coordination and measured improvements, is worth much more,” said Bill Walker, LMFT, Director of Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.

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