Boron Chamber of Commerce

Boron Chamber of Commerce meeting on Jan. 10th inside the Twenty Mule Team Museum. 

BORON - The Boron Chamber of Commerce held their monthly meeting on the evening of Jan. 10th beginning at 5pm inside the Twenty Mule Team Museum.

  The meeting was called to order by Vice President Becky Thompson who also led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance; after Shelley Keller-Gage did roll call of directors, VP Becky asked everyone to introduce themselves then  it was on to the business at hand.

  Shelley Keller-Gage read the minutes from the Dec. meeting; Karen Caillier motioned and Mitch Naka'hiki seconded; motion approved.

  Under Public Comments - Kern County 2nd Dist. Supervisor field rep. Laura Lynne Wyatt gave an update to the renovations at the Boron Community Park; she stated that the district has just under $2 million to get the renovations completed including a dog park, the community building and skate park. A splash pad is also planned as part of the renovations to the park. Concerns were addressed as far as vandalism and other things and Mrs. Wyatt insured the chamber that "the more people come in to use the park, the less you will see". Renovations are scheduled to be completed within 6-8 months as the work as already started in small phases. Marybeth Garrison who is with Rio-Tinto Borates & Lithium gave an update as far as the mine goes; Mrs. Garrison also stated that the Borax Visitors Center Grant Foundation will start taking applications from non-profit organizations beginning Feb. 1st for grants to be distributed later in the year.

  Under Reports - Honorary Mayor Dale Slavinski didn't really have any updates or comments, no representative from the Kern County Sheriff's Dept., the Twenty Mule Team and Boron Aerospace Museum each gave an update as far as tourists, donations and renovations to the Amargo Theater and there were no reports from any community events.

  Under Communities/other meetings - it was discussed that the Boron Chamber of Commerce meet the second Tuesday of every month at the Twenty Mule Team Museum at 5pm, Patty Caillier commented on the food commodities distribution and seniors involvement; the seniors center will not be the distribution point for food commodities (until further notice) due to circumstances beyond their control. The seniors will however, be distributing the normal "senior food boxes" to those who have already signed up to receive one. Mrs. Cailler also presented a rough draft of a letter inviting business owners to come to the chamber meetings and express their comments or concerns. It was suggested that a list of all businesses be presented to the chamber for distribution of the invitation letter.

  The old and new business was discussed; the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 5pm at the Twenty Mule Team Museum then a motion and second from the floor to adjourn; the meeting was adjourned just after 6:30pm.

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