Boron Jr. Sr. High School Principal Dr. David Ellms

BORON – The start of in-class learning this year also brought a new addition to Boron Jr. Sr. High School; a new principal. Mr. David Wiggs decided at the end of last school year that he wanted to be back in the classroom for the 2021-22 school year, so during the summer months, the Muroc Joint Unified School District held their monthly meetings and during this time, a new principal was designated for Boron Jr. Sr. High School. A little over a month into the new school year, we were finally able to sit down with the new principal and interview him and here’s what he had to say.

  “My name is Dr. David Ellms and I’m the new principal at Boron Jr. Sr. High School; and this is my 27th year in the field of Education. I started in the L.A. Unified School District as a teacher; after a few years, I went into Administration then moved to Tehachapi (it’s a 2 ½ hour drive to let you know) from the Valley. I was Assistant Principal and Principal in Palmdale in their school district and at Desert High School for 8 years then, when the position came up over here, I decided to come over and do some things over here”. Dr. Ellms explained to us that Mr. Wiggs missed teaching and for the last couple of years, he was debating on whether or not to go back into the classroom-Mr. Wiggs made his decision at the end of last school year.

  Dr. Ellms went on to tell us a little bit about himself, “I’m happily married for 33 years and I have 3 children; my oldest teaches at Desert: bot of my oldest kids got married this summer and I have a daughter who is in college right now”.

  When we asked Dr. Ellms about how he feels about being the new principal at Boron Jr. Sr. High School, this is what he told us, “Oh, I love it, I love it; everything has been wonderful”. As far as the change from being at Desert then coming to Boron; he said, “There’s not much change you know; a high school is a high school and there’s things you gotta do; you just go with it, making sure things are in the right places. I love the construction that was done. I get along with the students just great; they’re very welcoming, saying Good Morning to me every morning”.

  We then asked Dr. Ellms about his plans while he’s at Boron Jr. Sr. High School and this is what he told us, “I want the students to think about what they want to do after leaving high school; right now, we’re developing a plan for the students to come up with what the want to do after they graduate, we’ll be helping parents with college applications, we have something coming up in October helping the parents show their students what opportunities are out there, we have a new program here that helps students in the fields of power plants, etc, then there’s the military; we want the students to be successful. The students have been really positive about being back in school and the staff has been great”.

  We also asked Dr. Ellms about the COVID-19 guidelines and some restrictions; here’s what he ad to say, “The beginning of the year was a little rough with all the restrictions in place; we have to go by what the State of California says as well as the Kern County Health Department and so we have to follow those as far as masks inside and things like that; we’re keeping up with it but it’s been hard for some of the kids; getting sick then going home for 10 days and coming back then trying to get them caught up and keep going. As far as sports goes; indoor sports like the volleyball team, we go by the state mandate that says everybody except the players have to have a mask on at all times inside the gym; outside sport, we’re fine, we don’t need the mask. The State of California and CIF put those restrictions in before the beginning of this school year so, you don’t need a mask outside the gym but while you’re inside you do. Also, inside the classroom, students have to wear a mask and outside; it’s recommended but not required for the kids; I think that helps a little bit. The same rule applies for any indoor events such as band and choir concerts, ceremonies, activities, etc; you have to wear a mask with any indoor activity at school”. No one knows when the indoor mask mandate will be lifted by the county or state.

  We then asked Dr. Ellms about the rivalry between Boron and Desert (he and I laughed) and here’s what he said about it, “Yes, I’ve heard and know about the rivalry between Desert and Boron; the only thing changed is the school colors between Desert and Boron”.

  He then invited anyone (students, parents and community members in general) to come to him with any comments, suggestions, etc. “People can call me at the high school and we can sit down and discuss any suggestions or problems you/students may have”.

  The Mojave Desert News would like to thank Dr. Ellms and Boron Jr. Sr. High School for allowing us to come to campus to do this interview and we would also like to welcome Dr. Ellms to Boron Jr. Sr. High School. Have a great year Dr. Ellms.

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