Bakersfield, California – Congressman Kevin McCarthy held a meet and greet Saturday with seven local high school students who have accepted appointments to United States Service Academies.
“Today’s event was an excellent opportunity to celebrate and recognize the achievements of these hardworking students who have gone above and beyond, including in their pledge to serve our country,” said Congressman McCarthy“I am very impressed by their accomplishments, and I look forward to hearing about their future successes. They make our community proud.”

Class of 2023 for the U.S. Service Academies pictured with Congressman McCarthy: Michael Stegeman, U.S. Naval Academy appointee from Frazier Mountain High School/ The Kiski School; Jessica Riggs, U.S. Naval Academy appointee from Tehachapi High School; Enrique Arjona, U.S. Air Force Academy from Lancaster High School; Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Ryan Aguilar, a U.S. Military Academy appointee from Liberty High School; Jonathan Parham, U.S. Military Academy appointee from Frontier High School; Isaac Bowers, U.S. Air Force Academy appointee from Garces Memorial High School and Nathan Jones, U.S. Military Academy appointee from Centennial High School.
Not pictured: Grant Snyder, U.S. Air Force appointee from Porterville High School/United States Air Force Academy Preparatory Academy; and Nathan Roodzant, U.S. Naval Academy appointee from Bakersfield Christian High School.

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