We’re featuring Unsung Heroes in the East Kern County area in this special section, and we wanted to add another into the mix; Calif. City resident Aleisha Coulter; wife, mother and founder of We Got Next Sports. The following is her story as we salute our Unsung Heroes.

  Aleisha Coulter is the multi business owner, consultant, published author, investor, sports coach, wife and mother. Aleisha  says her mission is to help adults and youths achieve their goals in various activities. Aleisha was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA; she and her family moved to California City in 2000. Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, it left many young adults and children without any form of social or extracurricular activities; shortly after moving to California City, she began working for the city in the Parks and Recreation Division.

Aleisha quickly began coaching and bonding with the youth at the local park, and after strategizing with her team, Aleisha expanded her nonprofit to include more youth activities within the community. Aleisha's love for children and sports inspired her journey to create We Got Next Sports in 2022.

  According to Aleisha, We Got Next Sports combines leadership, teamwork, education and sports for children of all ages and walks of life, what started with coaching a few kids at the park has now grown into a program with over 110 children and has also expanded to recreational and travel basketball, cheer and flag football. We Got Next Sports hopes to offer soccer and tackle football in 2023, but not without its challenges. “Funding is our most significant challenge in adding these sports; the organization relies heavily on donations to support its youth. We always need volunteers, tackle football equipment and transportation solutions such as buses and passenger vans” Aleisha said.

  In spite of these challenges, the program is what it is with the support of its volunteer coaches, volunteer administration, parents and local community supporters. Aleisha's vision? “Is to see a better world for the youth and have their dreams come true”.

  The Mojave Desert News wants to congratulate Aleisha and the volunteers at We Got Next Sports for being selected as one of our featured Unsung Heroes; if you know of an unsung hero in your community and want them featured in our Unsung Heroes section, feel free to contact our office at 1-800-541-4460 (toll free) Monday – Thursday from 8am to 4pm and tell us about them.

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