Mojave area CHP has New Commander

  MOJAVE - The Mojave area office of the California Highway Patrol has announced that they have a new commander: Lt. Maria Pagano who is a 22-year veteran of law enforcement.  Pagano comes to the high desert area as the new commander when Lt. John Williams retired back in January.

  Lt. Pagano began her career as a California Highway Patrol officer assigned to the Altadena CHP area before transferring to the Bakersfield CHP area and has worked a majority of her career in the Kern County area doing a wide range of assignments which included the Grapevine Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility as well as patrol in the Buttonwillow area. Lt. Pagano was promoted to Sergeant in 2013 and assigned to the Mojave area then later the Buttonwillow area; she also led the Kern County Auto Theft Task Force before being promoted to Lieutenant in 2020 and served as an Administrative and Field Operations Lieutenant in Bakersfield before she transferred to the Central Los Angeles area.

  Lt. Pagano is a longtime resident of Kern County with deep roots to the county; she began her career in law enforcement as a Explorer for the Bakersfield Police Department and she's dedicated to working with community partners. Lt. Pagano said this upon being selected as the new Mojave CHP commander, "As a Kern County resident for the past 39 years, I'm humbled and honored to represent the California Highway Patrol and be the leader of the men and women (both uniformed, volunteers and professional staff) assigned to the Mojave area. I look forward to working with my fellow officers/partners, build on strong community relationships and continue with the goal of public safety and service".

  The Mojave Desert News wishes to congratulate and welcome Lt. Pagano to the Mojave CHP and we wish you well in your lasting career.

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