Members of the public now have the option of buying a personalized brick to support construction of the California City Off Highway Vehicle Program's Visitor Center and OHV shop and garage. Bricks will be placed in a walkway leading up to the entrance of the Visitor Center.

The California City Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Program is implementing a brick paver program to assist in funding for the new Visitor Center/OHV Shop-Garage at Borax Bill Park. This program allows you or your company to have your name engraved on a brick that will be placed at the front of the new building as a part of a walkway.

Your name or message will be seen by the hundreds of daily visitors as they enter the visitor center. Bricks can show your support, celebrate your family’s connection to the program, honor loved ones or memorialize those who have passed away. The program allow donors to personalize the paver with a name or brief message, subject to city approval.

The bricks will come in two dimensions: 4-by-8 inches and 8-by-8 inches. The smaller brick comes with a maximum of three lines of text at 18 characters per line and are $100 each. The larger brick comes with a maximum of six lines of text at 18 characters per line and are $225 each. You will also have the option of purchasing an additional donor brick with felt backing for you to keep. This keepsake brick of the same type and configuration can be purchased with your original order at an additional $40 for the 4-by-8 inch brick and $80 for the 8-by-8 inch brick.

You can start putting in orders at any time! You can find the form online at or pick up a form in person at Borax Bill Park or the California City Police Department, 21130 Hacienda Blvd. in California City, until April 30, 2020. For any questions or inquiries please call Karen at (760) 373-7256 or email at

The visitor center is being built in cooperation with the Recreational Trails Program, a federally funded grant program; the state of California Parks Department's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division; and California City's OHV Recreation Program.

Funded and operated through State Parks by way of OHV funds (green sticker fees) and the California City OHV Permit Program, Borax Bill Park and the D.I.R.T. (Desert Incident Response Team) have been providing information and first aid care to the OHV Recreation Community in the California City area for over a decade.

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