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CALIFORNIA CITY - A public hearing on the water standby charge, continued discussion of an Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Program visitor center and a closed session item regarding performance evaluation for interim city manager are among topics for Tuesday’s regular City Council meeting. The closed session will begin at 5 p.m. with regular session at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers at City Hall, 21000 Hacienda Blvd. in California City.

The background summary regarding the water standby charge reads as follows:

California City operates a water system that was built to serve a large number of parcels that were planned for development at the time the water system was designed. Since Fiscal Year 1993-94, the City has charged a Water Standby Charge to undeveloped parcels that, when developed, will receive service from the City’s existing water system. The amount of this charge ranges from $15 to $25 per year. The charge is collected on the property tax roll. Once a parcel is connected to the system and begins receiving (and paying for) water service, it stops charged the standby charge.

Each year, the City Council holds a public hearing to approve placing the standby charges on the property tax roll. On June 25, 2019, the City Council adopted a resolution initiating those proceedings for Fiscal Year 2019-20 and setting a public hearing on the 2019-20 charges for tonight’s meeting. After conducting the hearing, notice of which was published, the Council may adopt the attached resolution which sets the rate for 2019-20 and directs that the standby charge be collected by the County.

The rate of the standby charge is unchanged from past years and has not been increased since 1993-94.

Following a staff report, council questions and public communications, public testimony will be heard. Further discussion by council with a vote on a resolution of the standby charges will follow the public testimony portion.

Karen Sanders of the city’s OHV Recreation Program will present a revised staff report on bids for a visitor center/equipment shop.

The OHV Recreation Program received an RTP grant for $748,990 for a Visitor/Information Center/Equipment Shop with the project performance period ending 2/7/2020. City Staff advertised the project for bids to construct a Visitor Center with city receiving three bids for the project. The most serviceable bid is from Medallion Contracting Inc. for one million one hundred ninety seven thousand four hundred thirty-one dollars and fifty-six cents ($1,197,431.56). Superior Construction's bid is slightly lower than Medallion's bid, but four of Superior's sub­ contractors were not registered with the state's Department of Industrial relations (DIR) or had expired registration numbers, therefore we cannot legally use Superior's bid. Medallion also recently conceded $64,000.00 in cost savings on their original bid. Also, staff is pursuing an additional state grant in the amount of $78,782.00 of which $23,150.00 is required match to help offset some cost on the Visitor Center side of building. This state grant will cover some of the cost of match for the RTP federal grant. Fund 29-03110 would be tapped for a large part of the funding as it presently has approximately $194,717.00 in retained earnings and the net revenue from the 2018/2019 fiscal year OHV permit sales totals $80,298.12. The total amount needed to complete the project is approximately $473,441.56, including the cost of an engineer. Details for the funds needed to

complete the project are listed on this report's supplemental document. With the cost savings offered by Medallion, funds available to the project from the permit fee reserves and net revenue from 2018/2019, as well as receipt of the state OHMVR division development grant, the project needs $96,494.44 for completion. City reserve funds ($96,494.44) could be used if council is willing to loan the funds to the project. If Council agrees to release those funds, the OHV Recreation Program would pay back funds borrowed from the fund over four years.

Consent calendar items include:

• Adopt resolution setting the rate of the Public Safety Only Special Parcel Tax For Fiscal Year 2019-20 and requesting collection services from the county.

• Adopt resolution authorizing the filing of an application for Regional Surface Transportation Program funding and committing the necessary local match and stating the assurance to complete the project.

• Adopt resolution approving a denial for industrial disability retirement.

• Adopt resolution  authorizing the filing of an application for Congestion Mitigation And Air Quality  program funding and committing the necessary local match and stating the assurance to complete the project.

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