Child Development Center

The refinished and repainted parking lot and new concrete curb is shown among the many updates made to Cerro Coso’s Child Development Center on Heather Avenue during closure due to Covid-19.

With child development centers closed, and people staying at home with their children, Cerro Coso took the time to renovate their Child Development facility on Heather Avenue in California City. 
During the closure, due to the COVID-19 “stay at home” orders, the College repaired and replaced interior and exterior lighting, replaced cabinets and countertops in the kitchen, installed new interior tack-board walls and vinyl flooring throughout the facility, refinished and re-painted the parking lot, and installed concrete curb around the exterior of the building. 
“Since the facility is not currently being utilized, we made the improvements to minimize any disruption to the center when the stay at home order is lifted,” said Cerro Coso President Jill Board.
The improvements were funded through state scheduled maintenance funds, child development funds, and general unrestricted revenue. 
Cerro Coso operates two Child Development Programs in California City, the Cerro Coso State Pre-School (Facility #153801749) located at the Robert P. Ulrich Elementary School, and the California City Child Development Center (Facility #153801788) on Heather Avenue. 
The Centers offer developmentally appropriate programs funded through the Department of Education. Part-day preschool is available to families who qualify. Students of Cerro Coso Community College are given first priority. 
The Center is staffed with Child Development Professionals. Each classroom has credentialed teaching staff and follows regulations and rules set forth by the California Department of Education Title 5 and Community Care licensing Title 22 that regulates child to teacher ratios, teacher education and experience, and the overall accountability for the program.
As a child development lab school center, we strive to provide college students with an exemplary model of developmentally appropriate practices in a safe secure setting.
“We don’t know when the stay-at-home orders will be lifted,” continued Board, “But when they are, we are ready to return to normal and serve the community again in an updated facility.”
For more information on the Child Development Programs in California contact Jessica Krall at 760-384-6362.

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