The following is a list of Mojave area arrests for the month of Oct. according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies; all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  28-year old Jarvis Williams was arrested on Oct. 4th on Suspicion of Threats of Violence, Contempt of Court: Disobeying Court Order/Process, Disobey Domestic Relations Court Order and Intoxicated in Public.

  38-year old Paul Kellenberger was arrested on Oct. 6th on Suspicion of Indecent Exposure and Trespass on Closed Lands.

  42-year old Randy Foley was arrested on Oct. 12th on Suspicion of Assault w/Deadly Weapon likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury.

  32-year old Maria F. Ruiz Velasco was arrested by Mojave CHP on Oct. 16th on Suspicion of DUI: Alcohol/Drugs and DUI: Alcohol w/BAC > .08.

  19-year old Anthony Manuel Sierra was arrested in Ventura County (Ventura County Sheriff) on Oct. 24th on Suspicion of Robbery, Attempted Willful/Deliberate/Premeditated Murder, Carrying Loaded Firearm w/Intent to Commit a Felony, Not in Lawful Possession/Prohibited Firearm and Unlicensed Loan/Sale/Trade Firearm.

  32-year old Marina Barraza was arrested in San Bernardino County (San Bernardino County Sheriff) on Oct. 25th on Suspicion of Use/Under Influence of Controlled Substance.

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