BORON – Parents, students, teachers, faculty member and the community of Boron gathered inside the Boron Junior Senior High School gymnasium for the annual Boron High School Commencement which took place on the evening of June 6. The commencement ceremony got underway just after 6:30 p.m. inside a very packed gym.

Thirty nine high school graduates took their final walk as high school students as the Boron Bobcat band directed by KC Casel played “Pomp and Circumstance” and were led to their positions by four members of Boron High School Junior Class Honor Guard who were; Aaron Core, Bryson Job, Jordyn Lee York and Solymar Lisk. While the graduates and audience remained standing, Senior Class President Vanessa Perez introduced Senior Sonora Keys who performed the National Anthem, Perez then called upon Class of 2019 Salutatorian Matthew Etheridge to come forward and welcome everyone to the ceremony.

Principal David Wiggs introduced the Muroc Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees Matt Carter, Sherman Burkhead and Deandra Davies, Superintendent Kevin Cordes and Assistant Superintendent Brent Tan then he presented awards to outgoing seniors.

The National Honor Society Awards went to Jennifer Aguilar, Matthew Etheridge, Joshua Dees, Sonora Keys, George and Steve Mlinar, Raquel Morales, Rose O’Dell and Vanessa Perez; Life Membership in the California Scholarship Federation went to Jennifer Aguilar, Joshua Dees and Rose O’Dell; 100% Life Membership in the California Scholarship Federation went to Vanessa Perez. Marybeth Garrison who is the manager of government affairs and communities for Rio-Tinto Borates Boron Operations presented scholarships to Matthew Etheridge, Rose O’Dell, Skyler Smith, Michael Arambula and Jennifer Aguilar as we reported previously. Veteran of Foreign Wars member Jim Sommers presented the VFW Post 6313 scholarship to Marshal Fowlkes and Melissa LaHee; the Dennis Darr Memorial scholarship was presented to Skyler Smith by Sonnett Davies who is the assistant academic aAdvisor and Hall Ambulance Supervisor Scott Prater presented the Harvey H. Hall Memorial scholarship to Haley Daughrity. Boron High School Seniors Marshal Fowlkes and George Mlinar were recognized as new recruits having enlisted into the United States Marines.

After the scholarship and awards were presented, parents and other had an opportunity to photograph their graduate during a photo op while “Firework” by Katy Perry was played. Vanessa Perez presented the senior class gift and incoming Associated Student Body President Bryson Job accepted the gift. Valedictorians Jennifer Aguilar, Rose O’Dell and Vanessa Perez then gave a final farewell to Boron High School, their fellow classmates, underclassmen, teachers, faculty and the audience. Senior Sonora Keys made a slide-show of all the seniors from babyhood through graduate and was shown to the audience then Mr. Wiggs presented the Boron High School Class of 2019 and Cordes accepted.

Robert Ferguson who is the academic advisor at Boron High then did roll call for high school diplomas; Burkhead, Davies and Carter each took turns presenting seniors with their diploma. After the presentation of diplomas, Perez led her entire class in the “Turning of the Tassel” then the senior doused themselves with spray silly string and confetti then walked out of the gymnasium as students for the last time while the Bobcat band directed by Casel performed the Boron High School Fight Song “Mighty Oregon” which was composed by Gilbert.

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