The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority.

Based on guidance from the Governor’s Office, California Department of Public Health and Kern

County Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) that was released late last

evening, the following are the recommendations for Mojave Unified School District that we will

implement immediately:

No School Closures

Schools are an essential service, providing meals, security and resources for our children and

families. Closing schools would have a significant impact on children and families, so we are

carefully considering the potential impacts of school closures and are developing contingency plans

to deliver essential services to students.

There is NO recommendation for school closures in Kern County at this time. At this time, classes

will stay open but athletic contests, performances, Saturday School, and all non-essential meetings

will be canceled.

Travel / Field Trips / Gatherings

Mojave Unified School District will suspend all non-essential out-of-county travel effective immediately

through the end of March or until further notice.

Additionally, we will cancel or postpone all out-of-county and local field trips.

The guidelines recommend that all events over 250 people be cancelled and that events with less

than 250 people utilize suggested social distancing standards. The social distancing

recommendations state that “smaller gatherings held in venues that do not allow social distancing of

six (6) feet per person should be postponed or canceled.” Suggestions include:

• Staggering activities (e.g. lunch, recess)

• Add distance between where individuals sit or stand around tables or desks

• Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands

We are also giving special consideration to gatherings / meetings that include high-risk individuals

(the elderly, people with compromised immune systems, people with serious chronic medical issues

such as heart disease, diabetes and lung disease).

We will continue to work closely with the State and local County Office of Education and Kern County

Department of Public Health to monitor this situation, and will keep parents and stakeholders

apprised as new information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience,

understanding and support.

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California City High School has a student body of

over 500. There are classes with 30 or more students in them, this clearly does not allow for the 6-ft per person social distancing recommendation. How is this protecting our children?

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