TEHACHAPI – The long awaited Tehachapi Loop Overlook has been renovated. The new overlook officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 26th in front of countless people including volunteers who helped make this dream a reality.

  Construction started on the renovation after donations poured into the Tehachapi Overlook Project held by the Friends of Tehachapi Depot and with the $100,000 that was raised, work began on June 22nd of this year.

  Over the course of about 4 weeks, volunteer crews brought fill dirt to form the base of the viewing deck and other needs for the overlook.

  When completed, the overlook is a newly renovated 30x15 viewing deck complete with handicap access.

  Back in Sept. 2020, Friends of the Tehachapi depot began a campaign to raise the funds needed to build the much needed viewing area; potential donors were approached to fund the project which they called “The Tehachapi Loop Overlook Project”; after the battle cry, donations seemed to pour in for the renovation. The project was a 4-year long battle to upgrade the site which is said to be 100 years old. Friends of the Tehachapi Depot current Vice President Keith Sackewitz contacted the city of Tehachapi and the Kern County Public Works. Kern County 2nd District Supervisor Zack Scrivner contacted his field representative Laura Lynne Wyatt and asked her to take on the project. Wyatt along with Friends of the Tehachapi Depot got together with local business leaders and other members of the community to get them on board for the renovation of the overlook.

  The Mojave Desert News would like to congratulate Friends of the Tehachapi Depot, the city of Tehachapi and everyone who was involved in making this dream a reality. People from around the world will enjoy the Tehachapi Loop for years to come.

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