Meet Don Johnson

November 5, 2021 | View Online

Veterans who serve our country are heroes exemplifying the best of America. They have sacrificed their time and their own safety to protect our national interests and deserve a government that works on their behalf. As we near Veterans Day, I would like to highlight another hero from our community and share his story and my office’s humbling experience in working with him:

Meet Donald “Don” Johnson – a Vietnam Veteran from Bakersfield. 

Heeding the call to serve, Don joined the Army as a young man, who despite having his entire future ahead of him, risked it all in order to protect his fellow citizens. His valiant service earned him a Bronze Star, the fourth-highest ranking award servicemembers can receive to recognize their heroic action. 

But after many attempts to obtain his Bronze Star from the VA, he had yet to receive it. 

Understandably frustrated and in a last-ditch effort to acquire his Bronze Star, he contacted me about this dilemma. 

Veterans make enormous sacrifices in devotion to our country, and it is incumbent on the VA to ensure that our veterans’ requests, especially for service-time earned medals, are handled in a prompt manner. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Don.  

I was honored that Don reached out to me for assistance, and after contacting the VA on his behalf, I am glad to report he finally received his Bronze Star!

As a Member of Congress, I had the ability to help Don get his medal and can help other veterans with the VA too. If you are a veteran in need of assistance, I would also be honored to help you. Please give me a call at my Bakersfield Office at (661) 327-3611 so I can get started working on your case.

God Bless,

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