CALIFORNIA CITY - The California City Council regular meeting will hold a public hearing on several zone change and General Plan amendment recommendations and consider contracts for construction of the Off Highway Vehicle Program’s Visitor Center. A presentation to administer the oath of office to new Fire Chief Jeremy Kosick is also on the agenda.

The meeting will be held beginning at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in Council Chambers at City Hall, 21000 Hacienda Blvd in California City.

Eight GPA/Rezoning projects, comprising 160 parcels of property on 374 acres of land are up for consideration. Seven of the projects were initiated by private property owners: Two by Red Rock Canyon Holdings, Michael Ellison; two by Innovative Real Estate Investment, Leland Krelle and three by Canna Systems Corporation, DJ Twohig.

One project was initiated by the City of California City in order to expedite the expansion of industrial development within the community. Rather than waiting for individual property owners to apply for rezoning, which can be a slow and tedious process, the city initiated rezoning in what is being called the Airport Area Rezoning Project.

The 146 parcels on 50 acres of land of the project was selected by the city for the Airport Area Rezoning Project were designated because they meet certain criteria:  The property does not encroach upon existing residential development; property is vacant; property is proximate to good roadway access; property is proximate to utilities and the project area offers numerous property owners the opportunity to facilitate development.

“If approved, rezoning all 160 parcels to M-1 or C-2 will significantly enhance the opportunities for business expansion and development here in California City,” according the agenda item.

The majority of zone changes and General Plan amendments are a change from O/RA zoning to M1 zoning. Much of the land in California City is zoned “controlled development, public parks and recreation or public schools” a sort of place holder zoning. M1 zoning allows light industrial development and is also the zoning required for cannabis and cannabis-related development, but also allows other types of light industry. C1 zoning permits retail businesses and commercial uses.

“The state of California limits the number of times that cities may amend their General Plans to four,” reads the agenda item. “Therefore, in a community such as California City with an expanding industrial base, it is logical that several General Plan Amendments and Zone Changes are being considered at this Public Hearing.”

Three zone changes are in the area of Neuralia Road and Mindiburu Road, three are located off Twenty Mule Team Parkway Road and one off Hyndai-Kia Boulevard.

All zone changes were previously approved by the Planning Commission.

The OHV Recreation Program is seeking approval for a revised contract with Superior Construction out of Bakersfield for construction of a visitor center and equipment shop at Borax Bill Park. The program received a Recreational Trails Program grant for $748,990 for the project, the project is required to be completed by Aug. 7, per the grant. Additional funding will come from a development grant, retained earnings from the city’s permits program and additional earnings from the upcoming year’s permits program.

“Superior Construction’s bid of $1,124,938.44 is inline with available funding and the contract will be awarded to them pending council approval of the revised contract,” according to the agenda item.

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