ROSAMOND - An update on the Waste Water Treatment Plant rehabilitation project and approval of a communications contract were among the main business items at the Aug. 28 Rosamond Community Services District regular board meeting.

“We’ve been winding down on bidding the contract to build the waste waster treatment plant,” said General Manager Steve Perez.  “But now we had the bid opening yesterday, awarding of a contract for $13,227, 834.83 to Pacific Hydrotech Corporation.”

With the addition of a construction management contract, the total cost is now just over $15 million for the project.

“So the project is moving full speed ahead,” said Perez. “We are on strict timelines for the Lahonton Regional Water Quality Control Board and we want to make sure that we stay on top of this project and keep the public updated at every turn.

“The project is going to be a beneficial use to the district, to the ratepayers and everybody concerned. Although it’s a large dollar item, I think the benefits, should the water master give us the credit for the water, will represent an additional $6.5 million in annual savings. So that is real money that can be subtracted from the overall cost of this project.”

A groundbreaking ceremony for the project will also be held.

“It may not be sexy, but we will have a groundbreaking,” said Perez. :I think it’s in the best interest in the community because it promotes good public health and safety. And we’re looking forward to that and to producing a beneficial use on this construction project.”

In other business, a contract with Passantino Andersen was approved for an amount not to exceed $25,000.

“One of the strategic elements that I’ve been developing, and the board has pointed out, is better communications to the community,” said Perez. “We have the newspapers here tonight and that’s great news for all of us to get the word out of the things that we’re doing. Additionally, we want to take a proactive approach at keeping the district, or the residents of the community, up to speed as to what we’re doing in the district on a regular basis through additional sources.”

The 10-month budget will take the board through the next budget session.

“Although this was out of the budget, we’re going to have to find the revenues to make this work. It may be the consideration of the board to take a look at the general fund, where’s there’s some discretionary revenue, to take on this charge. But in the next budget, we need to address this issue. They will be part of the strategic plan.”

Passantino was previously used by the board.

“We utilized them to not only get the word out to the print media, but we used the social media, as well as all the technical types of media that we could to reach out and keep people up to date of what we’re planning and doing and how we manage their business,” said Perez.

In other business, the board appointed Perez as the district representative to the Semitropic-Rosamond Water Bank Authority.

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