The East Kern Health Care District held their monthly Special Meeting on Jan. 17th; the meeting began around 5pm. After the Pledge of Allegiance, the Invocation, call to order and roll call, the meeting got underway.

  Under Adopt the Agenda – director R. Macedonio motioned and director L. Peralta seconded to approve the Adoption of the Agenda; motion approved.

  Under Public Comment – MDN stated that during the last meeting, it was discussed that the East Kern Health Care District be put under Community Happenings in the Community Calendar Section for the Mojave Desert News as well as meeting highlights; two weeks ago, it (the meeting highlights) was on the front page and as of right now, the East Kern Health Care District meetings will continue to be in the Community Calendar section of the newspaper under California City. The board thanked the MDN for getting the word out about the meetings and its information.

  Under Public Presentations - Ryan Gunstream, who is an Account Executive for NORESCO, did a slide presentation on energy and water efficiency; he gave the same presentation to the Calif. City Council as well. President K. Macedonio suggested that “Where I think it would be in the best interest of both the East Kern Health Care District as well as NORESCO to begin what's called a Preliminary Assessment and what and we would do that at our risk to justify if this were an approach that would make sense for the Agency

  Under Community Announcements - none were heard at this time.

  Under New Business – Part-Time Certified Personnel for Position of Board Clerk/General Manager; the board went into Closed Session at this time to discuss and returned to Open Session at 5:45pm with no action taken; Water Intrusion and New Insurance Claim, discussion was heard however, no action taken at this time, Review and Revision of Contracts with LACSON DESIGN; the board discussed this item to ensure the ability for financial records to track all insurance related activities and ongoing District activities. Director R. Macedonio motioned and director L. Patrick seconded that the board approve this item; motion approved.

  Under Continued Business – Election of Officers; a roll call vote was taken after discussion and nomination of officers; President Karen Macedonio, Vice President Lamaya Patrick, Secretary Rubi Foley and Treasurer Lois Peralta were all re-elected to their offices; Establish Committees/Board Liaisons; the board discussed and approved director R. Macedonio and director Lamaya Patrick to remain as Facilities and Disaster Planning directors; CPR Training; the board discussed and tabled this item until the next meeting; Mandatory Training – Ethics AB1234; legal Counsel Alex Lemieux mentioned that a session will took place on Jan. 18th; session 1 went from 9-11am and session 2 took place from 11am to 1pm; Review of Conflict of Interest Code – the board heard from legal counsel Lemieux concerning the code and decided to table item until the next meeting.

  Under Consent Calendar – director R. Macedonio motioned and director R. Foley seconded to approve the Vendor Checks and paying invoice for Nagle Earthworks in the amount of $9,745.86; Approval of Action Minutes Format/Content of Minutes - the board discussed and approved the above item; Planning Training – the board discussed and approved that the training should be done by Alshire & Wynder, motion approved.

  Under Director Updates – Presidents Comments; President K. Macedonio discussed Form 700 and its deadline of March 1st to all directors; Staff Updates; director B.J. Lindsay, Nicole and legal counsel Alex gave updates to the departments; Committee Reports; director R. Macedonio had a meeting at 10:30am on Jan. 18th to discuss the facilities, Facilities Report; President K. Macedonio updated on the Bay Avenue venue for future in-person meetings.

  Under Future Agenda Items – the board discussed getting back to in-person meetings.

  Under Director Comments for AB 1234; director R. Foley mentioned that the CSA training is on the website, director L. Peralta mentioned the Water Issue and director R. Macedonio had no comments; with no other business director R. Macedonio motioned and L. Peralta seconded to adjourn the meeting and meeting was adjourned at 6:52pm.

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