ROSAMOND —Trash service, or the lack of it, is a hot topic in Rosamond.

For the second consecutive meeting last week directors of the Rosamond Community Services District (RCSD) lamented efforts of Waste Management and its efforts to serve the community residents.

Waste Management is the county mandated trash service provider for the Rosamond area.

Discussion started Jan. 27 when Director Greg Wood told fellow board members he had been receiving complaints on trash collection. Since then complaints have blown up on social media.

His comments were under “board of director” updates so no action could be taken.

It was noted then that aside of community complaints several directors were experiencing issues first had.

General Manager Steve Perez indicated the issue would be on the next agenda for further discussion and would attempt to get a solution with local representation or accountability with Waste Management.

At last week’s meeting directors discussed in earnest the issues of trash service.

“I’m one of those people complaining. Sometimes they don’t pick up the trash. Sometimes you don’t know when they’ll pick up the trash. When you call, you might get someone to respond, but it might take days,” Perez said.

Director Wood noted “there have been several instances on my street alone where they just haven’t shown up.”

Wood also pointed out it took several phone calls and 15 days to get a trash can replaced.

Rosamond has two governmental entities to service their area, the RSCD and the Rosamond Municipal Advisory Council (RMAC). It is the intent of the RSCD to work with RMAC in efforts to solve the trash issue.

RMAC is the lead agency in taking concerns to Kern County Department of Sanitation r sand has the full support of RCSD.

RMAC’s Bill Parkman is compiling a list of issues and the goal is to work with Waste Management to provide better services.

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