Independence Day 2017 -California City, USA!

 By Kane Wickham

California City- Though mercilessly hot all day long, the patriotic fever across the nation still brought out a lot of folks looking to celebrate freedom. All across the city, residents found ways to keep cool and enjoy their Independence Day. The city pool saw a good number of residents all looking to cool off and the Best Western pool was crammed all day as well as everyone sought relief from the record temperatures all across the Southwest this summer.

The Boy Scouts Troop 413 again lined Cal City Blvd with American Flags for the celebration, while some took in early rounds of golf. VFW Post 9375 Riders took to the Road up to Lone Pine to participate in a parade there. They later returned to Post for live band performances and refreshments. One man was spotted riding his horse along Cal City Blvd to enjoy the day. The fireworks stands were jammed all day long as local kids grabbed up all the fireworks they could before the city’s famous Independence Day Fireworks Show later that evening.

The Senior Center hosted their Annual Independence Day Pot Luck Dinner and this year hosted the Cal City Whiptails whom they treated to a feast prior to their game later that night against the High Desert Yardbirds of Adelanto. The Seniors host the Pot Luck every Fourth of July and then later go outside to watch the Fireworks Show.

Families gathered in Central Park barbecuing and enjoying the day. Inside the Strata Center local youth enjoyed a day of air-conditioned basketball. Some enjoyed the lakeside views, while kids played on the swings and slides in the park.AS the evening crept in many gravitated to Rio Tinto field at Balsitis Park for the Whiptails Independence Day game against Adelanto. In the early evening heat (still 100 degrees), Local MUSD employee Doug Watson played the national Anthem on his Gibson guitar live, followed by CCFD Chief Justin Vincent who threw out the first pitch to start the game.

Though having lost to Hollywood only the night before the Whiptails managed to take it to the Yardbirds of Adelanto with newfound zeal. A storybook game of low score, the evening just seem to belong to the Whiptails as they causally took down the Yardbirds 6-4 in 9 straight. Most of the fans that were there for the start of the game found out about the win the next day as the bleachers emptied out about 8:45 p.m. when most all Cal city residents found their way to the Best Western and golf course grounds for the Annual Independence Day Fireworks Show.

The show is the climax of every Independence Day and a local favorite for all. The company that returns every year from Bakersfield, Zambelli Fireworks Company, pulls out all the stops for Cal City shows and it truly is something to see. By 9 p.m. the entire south side of CCB from Ransburg back to Conklin was packed. CCPD was on hand to control traffic and keep people on the south side. At just about 9:15 the first salvo went off and the next 40 minutes or so the skies above Central Park were ablaze. Dazzling huge single explosions were followed by  staccato bursts of smaller clustered ones in a non-stop barrage of pure fun. Some went so high as to drop some embers onto the crowds on the south side. This reporter had a burning ember actually bounce of my head and then land on the ground behind me to the shock of the other folks there. We simply put it out and went back to the show. Just before 10 p.m. the grand finale of multiple burst explosions signaled the end of another stunning Independence Day Fireworks spectacle. We can always look forward to next year! Fireworks could be heard throughout the night as revelers celebrated into the morning. CCFD and KCFD both released their fireworks stats the next day. No one was injured during the holiday.

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