BORON - Several members of the community of Boron had been asking for the last few months, what's been going on as far as the restoration of the Boron Community Swimming Pool; well, we have an update as far as the restoration and the progress goes.

  After several months of planning and waiting due to supply chain issues, the Boron Community Swimming Pool Restoration project is in full swing. Unfortunately, the community swimming pool was not able to open for leisure during the summer months but plans to be open soon.

  Pool restoration crews have been busy for the last few months working on the interior of the pool office, showers and other areas of the swimming pool area including the locker rooms; the outside the pump house and pool office were repainted to match the colors of the rest of Boron Jr. Sr. High School; restoration crews also painted over murals that were inside the office area as a tribute to Enid Hanson who was a fixture at the pool area for several years and a long-time resident of the Boron/North Edwards area. Residents of the community were saddened by the loss of the murals because they were done in honor of Mrs. Hanson and her work for the swimming pool.

  When restoration crews removed the old concrete, they noticed that other areas of the pool seem to be fractured or brittle and needed replacement; the trimming on the inside of the pool pump house and pool office areas was also repaired and repainted. the concrete deck, diving board, lifeguard stands, stairs and other things were also removed and most likely will be replaced with new fixtures.

  The next phase of the project appears to be prepping the area surrounding the pool in order to form a new deck and complete it with new concrete work then, replace the old diving board, plumbing, stairs, lifeguard towers and other things with new equipment.

  When the fund raising for the Boron Community Pool Restoration started back in April 2021, it was assured that this new and improved community swimming pool would be open in the summer of 2022 however, crews have been delayed due to supply chain issues and they continue to work on restoring the pool as soon as possible.

  The Mojave Desert News wishes to thank the Boron Community Pool Restoration committee on continuing to update progress as it becomes available; we also want to express our gratitude to Mr. Deric English a teacher at Boron Junior Senior High School for use of his photographs during the progress. Stay tuned for more updates on the Boron Community Swimming Pool Restoration Project

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