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Fall Newsletter

I am grateful for the honor and privilege of serving Kern County's Second District on the Board of Supervisors. Together, we have accomplished much, and this newsletter focuses on some of the highlights for Kern County and the Second District.
On August 27th, the Board of Supervisors adopted our final 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Budget, and I'm extremely pleased that this budget will completely close the General Fund deficit of $44.5 million that was identified four years ago. This large deficit was caused by a significant drop in oil prices over two years and steep increases in employee pension costs (70%) over the last ten years. It took a lot of hard work from county employees and department heads to get there, but our four-year mitigation plan to close the deficit has paid off, and the Board officially declared that the county's fiscal emergency is over!  Read More
Around The District
It is my honor to represent the vast and diverse Second District, which covers 3,660 square miles, stretching from Boron in the East to Taft in the West. Here are some recent announcements of exciting things happening around the district!



Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner will be hosting a Movie in the Park and County Resource Fair at Frazier Mountain Park on Friday, September 6th. The County Resource Fair will begin at 6:30 PM, followed by a showing of the 2018 Oscar winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at 8:00 PM.
Kern County Animal Services, Behavioral Health, Child Support Services, General Services, County Library, and Public Health will be present to provide community outreach and entertainment for all ages. Animal Services will have dogs and cats for adoption, ready to join a happy family, as well as spay/neuter vouchers for pet owners. Child Support Services will provide healthy snacks and temporary tattoos for children.  BBQ hotdogs and light refreshments will be provided for those in attendance. Join Supervisor Zack Scrivner and staff for an evening of entertainment and community engagement.


Supervisor Zack Scrivner is pleased to announce that the RENEWBIZ program will be awarding $380,000 in grants to East Kern community businesses. A total of 46 grants were awarded to 15 businesses in Boron, 14 in Mojave, 11 in Rosamond and 6 in Tehachapi.
The RENEWBIZ program begins with county seed money, but continues with matching efforts of the business owners and community leaders who work together to improve and beautify the business environment, clean-up the community, and attract new businesses, tourism and economic development.
"RENEWBIZ has been an extremely successful program. Since creating the program in 2013, we have awarded nearly $1.3 million in grants to East Kern businesses. The latest round of 2019 grants continues to build on our commitment to help restore and revitalize the business areas of East Kern so that they, and the surrounding communities, may further grow and prosper," said Second District Supervisor, Zack Scrivner.

As part of the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (SPP) and a series of open house-style public input meetings regarding new recreational opportunities at Mojave East Park, Supervisor Zack Scrivner is pleased to announce the details of the proposed improvements to the park:
1. Adding an artificial-turf soccer field;
2. Renovating an existing ball field with a new artificial-turf ball field;

3 .Renovating the existing concession stand and bleachers at the ball field; 
4. Adding two inclusive playgrounds with shade structures;
5. Adding a multi-sport court and skate park;

6. Expanding the parking lot adjacent to the ball field;

7. Adding a bio-retention basin;

8. Adding an outdoor fitness park;

9. Renovating and relocating the restrooms;
10. Adding a concrete pathway network throughout the park;
11. Renovating the existing wet/dry play pad with an aeronautical theme; 
12. Adding a new group picnic area with shade;
13. Adding a dog park;

14. Adding shade/accent trees and shrubbery; and

15. Adding an outdoor reading area.
"If funded, the improvements to the infrastructure requested through this grant would provide safe recreational opportunities for not only the critically underserved families in the community, but the thousands of residents of the Mojave Region," said Zack Scrivner, Second District Supervisor.


Kern County Second District Supervisor, Zack Scrivner, is pleased to announce that construction of new group restrooms at the Tehachapi Mountain Park is scheduled to begin on August 12, 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of October, 2019.
This project will replace an existing non ADA accessible restroom structure with a pre-manufactured ADA accessible restroom. The new restroom will include four single-user restrooms and two single-user showers. The exterior building construction is pre-fabricated concrete with finishes to simulate batten siding texture and a metal rib roof finish to match the façade of the existing park structures. Improvements will include a new septic system, accessible parking stall, and an accessible concrete walking path from Cabin #3 to the new restroom.


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