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Officers exit the home of missing boys Orson and Orrin West Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 29, following another search of the premise for evidence regarding the disappearance of the two boys. The boys were reported missing Monday night, Dec. 21.

CALIFORNIA CITY — Officers re-searched the home of two missing boys on Tuesday, Dec. 29, a few hours after California City Police Chief Jon Walker provided an update on the ongoing investigation.

Bakersfield Police Department on Tuesday provided a Crime Scene Unit team to help examine on the house. Officers first entered the home through the garage after no one answered the front door. Authorities gained entry through the garage and soon after through the front door, with some officers drawing side arms.

Orrin and Orson West, two adopted boys ages 3 and 4, went missing on Dec. 21 from their home in the 10700 block of Aspen Ave. The adoptive parents, Trezell and Jacqueline West, said the boys had been playing on the patio with chalk while the mother was wrapping Christmas gifts. The father was gathering fire wood nearby for a fire and found the boys missing minutes after seeing them.

Officers had previously searched the home Dec. 22 and Dec. 23 under a search warrant related to any information on the location of the boys. The Wests confirmed on Dec. 23 that many of their technology items such as cellphones had been taken under the term of the search warrant.

A group later existed the building with bagged items considered evidence.

According to CCPD, Tuesday's search did not result in named suspects, but declined to provide more information on the nature of the search beyond collecting more evidence to help in the investigation. However, the evidence will be examined by Bakersfield Police Department as part of a partnership with California City Police Department.

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