ROSAMOND – The South Kern Unified School District held their bi-monthly meeting on Feb. 1st inside their board room; after closed session, a call to order, roll call the Pledge of Allegiance and approval of minutes from last meeting; the meeting got underway at approximately 7pm.

  Under Comments from the Public pertaining to Closed Session – no were given.

  Action Determined in Closed Session – the board approved the recommendations for the following; Expulsion Hearing for Student #40-22-23, Expulsion Hearing for Student #41-22-23 and Expulsion Hearing for Student #27-21-22; a Conference with Labor Negotiator and Dist. Negotiator was heard; Discussion of Student Matter concerning Education Code Sections 35146 and 48918(c) and Public Employment for Certain Personnel Matters was heard.

  Under Reports and Communications – RTA report and CSEA reports were heard, Student Board member reports were heard, CBO Report was done by board member Irving, Assist. Superintendent Lacey gave a reported for Instruction and Curriculum and Associate Superintendent Hargus from Human Resources gave a report. Superintendent Gaines gave a report then HYAM Contest Winners were announced along with Attendance Recognition from each school in the district; board members were also allowed communication at this time.

  Under Comments from the Public – A few members of the public were able to express their grievances and concerns as well as address the board at this time.

  Under Consent Items A-L – the board heard and approved the following items; A – Ratify Payroll EOM for $2,722,650.66, Approve Purchase Orders 230689-230736 and Pay Vouchers 230445-230539, Approve Special Olympics Color Run scheduled for March 25th at RHECC, Approve Tel-Tec Security Systems, Inc for a proposal for Burglary Alarm Systems at RHECC in the amount of $83,878, Approve Jennifer Finney-Ellison Educational Consulting and Training Service Proposal for $21,000, Approve the 3K building Services, Inc Proposal for a New Marquee at West Park 03-122784 not to exceed $3,000, Approve Kyle Gunter Professional Services Agreement not to exceed $6,000, Approve RHECC First Robotics Competition from March 30-April 1, 2023, Approve RHECC Ventura County Regional Competition in Port Hueneme from March 9-12, 2023, Approve Asset Disposition for RHECC Broken Electronic Balances and Approve RHECC and TMS Cadet Corp Trip to Camp San Luis Obispo from Feb. 9-12, 2023.

  Under General – the board performed a third reading, review and approval of the Sept. 2022 Board Policies which was presented by board member Gaines; the board also heard from Gaines to increase the Board Meeting Stipend and increase the compensation by a factor of 5% effective immediately from $252 to $264.60 (the last increase was approved in Feb. 2022)

  Under Business and Operations – the board heard a second content review and reading only of the 2022-2023 Comprehensive School Safety Plan presented by member Irving.

  Under Personnel Items – the board heard and approved the following items presented by member Hargus: Classified/Confidential Employment/Resignations, Classified Stipend/Extra Duty Employment/Resignations, Classified Substitutes Employment/Resignations, Certificated/Administrative Employment/Resignations, Certificated Stipend/Extra Duty Employment/Resignations and Volunteers for the 2022-2023 School Year.

  After all the business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45pm.

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