Cassee and Cora

Cassee Bone with Cora.

I am not even sure how to start this letter as I am quite intimated. I have never attempted to contact a news station or any place of this nature but I decided to stop being nervous and just message, share my story, and leave the rest to God. 


I can only imagine that you receive a tremendous number of emails each day so I will try to keep this brief. 


My name is Cassee Bone, I am a wife, a mother, I am local here in California City, and at the age of 32 I was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor. I was told by the surgeon “You might be dead in two months”. It was during the same time that COVID hit and we were forced to close our family business that has been in our family since 1995. Then our 3 year old daughter who had been battling a condition called, Vescoureteral Reflux would need surgery.   


In June as I sat in the ER room knowing that things had gotten much worse, we got the devastating news that my tumor, in less than 4 weeks had grown by 30%. We knew the end was coming and coming quickly. By the grace of God, we found a surgeon who successfully removed my tumor. Although the recovery is still very painful and hard, I am so grateful to be alive. 


Now in my recovery I started crafting and creating care packages for those who are also battling cancer, illness, and or facing hardship. 


I have already made coloring cards for the Antelope Valley Hospital Forensics Unit.


I just sent out multiple care packages for people battling various types of cancer.


Now I am working on hair bows for Grace Resources in Lancaster.  


I am not a non-profit but I am working hard to help others. To be perfectly honest, my hope in writing you to is because I want to get my story out and in hopes that people will want to donate to help me be able to continue making care packages and handmade items for those battling and in need.  


I understand that this is probably a very unusual thing to have someone email you about but her I am emailing you. 


I have attached the link to my facebook page incase you wanted to see it. I have also attached a picture of my brave daughter and I back in March when we were both in the hospital fighting our battles together. 


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