BORON – The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll all over the world; schools closed, large gatherings interrupted and restaurants either closed for good or until in-dining orders are lifted. California and the rest of the nation faces hardships unlike anyone has ever seen and small communities like Boron are no exception.

  On Sept. 14th we traveled to various businesses in the Boron community to find out if their business has been effected by the pandemic and if so, how; here’s what some of the businesses had to say.

  Alta-One Federal Credit Union (local bank) – We had to adjust our operating hours which went from 5 days a week down to 2 days a week; we’re now open on Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 2 pm; other than that, we really haven’t had much of a hard impact.

  Andy’s Pizza – We have seen an increase in our delivery service since the pandemic; we had to put on extra people to handle the load because on some days, it’s hard to keep up with all the orders.

  Barrel Fast Food Restaurant – I think for the most part, people are afraid of coming out to patronize our business because of the pandemic but we really haven’t been hurt by the pandemic that much.

  Boron Food Mart – The only thing the pandemic has hurt us with is when the food deliveries come; we rely on trucks to bring in our produce and stuff and when the deliveries fall behind, it hurts us. We also have had to wait for lottery tickets to come in from the state; we run out quite often but as far as regular business; no, I don’t think it really has impacted us all that much.

  B-Town Donuts – No, we haven’t really been hit that hard, just no dine in that’s all.

  20 Mules Café – Outside of no dine in, we kinda took a hit on business; I mean it’s slowed down some because people want to come inside and eat and because of the ‘no dine-in order’ from the state, it’s taken a little bit away from us.

  Boron Aerospace Museum, Twenty Mule Team Museum and Domingo’s have all been closed since the pandemic started; West Boron Elementary School and Boron Jr. Sr. High School had to cancel all springtime events as well as sports. West Boron Elementary School held a “drive thru” promotion for 6th graders as well as Boron Jr. High School for 8th graders; Boron High School canceled all spring sports and award ceremonies and held their high school graduation on the football field with only parents of the graduates attending. The area school year started with distance learning and will continue until at least Oct. 9th which is the end of the first quarter; students were issued computers and other items to help them learn while staying at home; the fall sports are scheduled to begin in January which includes football and volleyball.

  The Boron Chamber of Commerce canceled all outdoor activities including the annual Easter Parade, 4th of July fireworks show on Twenty Mule Team Road, the annual 9/11 Remembrance ceremony, Twenty Mule Team Days and Lighted Christmas Parade due to the state mandated “no large gatherings” order set by Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this year. Right now, it’s unclear whether or not the annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be held; the annual Memorial Day ceremony was held in front of the Kern County Sheriff’s Boron Substation on Memorial Day with social distancing taking place and its assumed that the annual Veteran’s Day ceremony will be held in the same fashion.

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