California City Planning Commission members listen to a presentation July 16.

CALIFORNIA CITY – Planning commissioners tackled several public meeting items, but took action other than giving additional direction to staff at the July 16 regular meeting.

The Airport Area Rezoning Project came about when petitioner Leland Krelle submitted a request earlier in the year for rezoning on eight properties spread throughout an area of approximately 45 acres and 138 total parcels. The parcels are bordered by Lindbergh Boulevard, Yerba Boulevard, Lufbery Place just south of the airport. Zoning in the area is a mixture of light industrial and general commercial while the area just south of Lindbergh is a mixture of high density residential, bordered by light industrial. Light industrial, or M1 zoning allows for uses including the manufacture, cultivation and distribution of cannabis.

Because the parcels were not contiguous, Community Development Director Matthew Alexander recommended against this type of zoning. Instead, city staff recommended that the entire area above Lindbergh between Yerba and Lufbery - which is still largely vacant land - be rezoned to M1. In order to ensure a proper buffer between cannabis cultivation and possible residential development, the commission directed staff to proceed with an additional rezoning. The area just south of Lindbergh between Mitchell Boulevard and Yerba, including the northern most portion of Rickenbacker Court and Icarus Court  and four to eight lots on either side would be rezoned as general commercial.

Staff was tasked with some additional research regarding at T-shaped lot that bisects Icarus and Rickenbacker and extends above those streets and continues on much further south. This lot, too, could be affected by rezoning.

Regarding the city’s rezoning and General Plan amendments, staff was direct to begin the process to amend the municipal code to allow four amendments per year of the General Plan. The city’s code currently only authorizes three amendments per year.

In other business, the commission:

• Heard and overview of the California Environmental Quality Act oversight in California City from John Bellas with Michael Baker International.

• Heard an update on a proposed corridor study of California City Boulevard in partnership with Cal Poly Pomona.

• Discussed a possible code amendment regarding asphalt and concrete pavement for parking lots

• Heard an update of site plan review projects.

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