CALIFORNIA CITY – Discussion and approval of a job description for a cannabis compliance officer and authorization for the creation and operation of a municipally-owned utility are among new business items on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting. The meeting will be held beginning at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall, 21000 Hacienda Blvd., the meeting is open to the public.

Other agenda items include:

• Authorization for air conditioning system service at City Hall

• Authorization for hydraulic rams repairs for Champion grader

• Adoption of a resolution establishing a fee on an 1-inch water meter

City Manager Anna Linn will present information on the cannabis compliance officer.

“In October of 2016, the City held the first open meeting with potential applicants to discuss the application process for the Cannabis industry,” reads the agenda item. “The City now has almost a dozen active cannabis businesses operating in the City and several large building operations that will soon be online. It is time to establish an office that will provide oversight and audit of these entities. The City is depending on this industry to provide the funding to replace the Special Tax passed in 2018 and absorb the public safety in the General Fund. It is imperative that the City develop the infrastructure to ensure compliance and tax collection. The Office of Cannabis Compliance will ensure that the industry follows the State and City rules and regulations; conforms to employment laws; pays taxes. This will not happen without City oversight and due diligence.

“One of the key objectives and role of the Cannabis Compliance Officer is to advance uniformity of regulation and best practices across the California City Cannabis industry.

1. Develop and maintain policies and procedures to prevent illegal, unethical or improper conduct.

2. Conduct regular audits of the facility.

3. Investigate and resolve compliance concerns, issues or violations.

4. Keep up with regularly changing rules and regulations and ensure

understanding and implementation throughout the company.

5. Collaborate with management to compile compliance concerns, issues or


The agenda notes there will be no impact on the General Fund as the cost of paying the compliance officer will come from cannabis permit fees. A proposed job description was also included with the agenda.

Education and experience requirements are listed as:

• A master’s degree from an accredited university with major course work in business, accounting or related field.

• Four years of supervisory or administrative experience in municipal activities.

• License: Must possess a valid California class C driver’s license and have a

• satisfactory driving record.

• Must successfully complete a pre-employment physical, drug test and criminal

background report.

• CPA preferred.

Additional details of the proposed position are in the attached agenda.

Senior Building Official Joe Barragan will present information on the proposed municipally-owed utility.

“By law, cities are authorized to form municipal utilities for the purpose of providing certain commodities including electrical power services to their residents and businesses,” reads the agenda. “Municipal utilities providing such services can be advantageous, particularly with regard to economic development and business retention. Adoption of this resolution does not require the City to immediately undertake any action to provide any commodity. Rather adoption of the proposed resolution enables the City to undertake provision of these commodities as and to the extent needed when circumstances warrant such action in the future. City staff will continue to review and research all options available to create new revenue sources, provide cost- savings and enhance electricity availability and reliability for the City, our residents and our local businesses. Adoption of the resolution does not obligate the City to take any further action at this time.”

In other business, Barragan will be seeking authorization for air conditioning service at city hall in the amount of $9,558.

“The air conditioning system (All components of the 4 units, ducting, diffusers and registers) need to be thoroughly cleaned and serviced as well as the old fiberglass insulation replaced with new non-fiberglass insulation,” reads the agenda item.

“Many city hall employees are having adverse reactions every time the A/C is running. Some of these reactions are; headaches, congestion, watering, itching or burning eyes, itchy throats and noses as well as coughing. In short, general misery. For those that already have allergies, the misery is even worse.

“These reactions are due to the accumulated dirt and dust in the system as well as fiberglass insulation fibers being spread throughout the building when the system is running. The fiberglass is detaching from the interior walls of the air handlers as well as the access doors (Please see attached photos). The fiberglass is deteriorating causing fiberglass fibers to pass through the building in the air stream supplying the building.

“This project has been delayed in the past because it was thought that it was just a dirt and dust issue. However, as you can see by the attached photos this has now moved past that. This is now a health issue that needs to be addressed now to avoid any possible future serious health issues as well as overall better health and work environment for all.”

Barragan will also be seeking approval for establishing a 1-inch water meter fee.

“On January 1, 2014, California Building Codes required all new residential dwellings to be built with fire sprinklers for fire protection,” reads the agenda item. “In 2013, City Staff reviewed California Building Codes and NFPA Codes and determined that based off our water system and the codes all single family dwellings had be to be serviced with a minimum of a 1” water meter. Typically most single family dwellings can be serviced fully and completely with a 3⁄4” water meter but in order to satisfy fire and building codes the City requires a 1” water meter to be installed. These water customers are charged for a 1” meter even though the total amount of water fixtures in their home could be serviced with a 3⁄4” water meter. The JB form was created to show what size meter is needed based off of the water fixtures in the home. The JB form is used to demonstrate to AVEK that that a 3⁄4” meter would be sufficient if not for the fire sprinkler requirement. If the total fixture units on the JB form are under 37, then only a 3⁄4” water meter is needed to satisfy the water demand.”

Approval of repairs for a Champion grader used by the street department in the amount of $15,220.68 is also being sought by Barragan.

Consent Calendar items are:

CC 1. Approve City Check Registers dated through 11/07/19

CC 2. Minutes dated 08/27/19

CC 3. Staff responses to questions received from the public on October 22, 2019

CC 4. BHT Engineering: Amendment #1 to Agreement

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